Caitlyn Jenner Isn’T Ready to Wear Swimsuit, Addresses Candis Cayne Dating Rumor

Calling her BFF Candis ‘a beautiful woman’ and ‘a very attractive lady,’ Caitlyn says, ‘As far as dating in the future, I have absolutely no idea.’
Caitlyn Jenner revealed her other issue since her transition in the new episode of “I Am Cait”. While still struggling to find her “feminine voice,” the former Olympian said she wasn’t ready to expose herself in a swimsuit.

In the latest outing of her docuseries, Caitlyn and her friends had a road trip to San Francisco. When her friends stripped down and hopped in a hot tub, she decided to skip it and spend her time alone in her room.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that,” she told the camera. “You have to realize these girls transitioned years and years and years ago. I just don’t know if I’m ready to expose myself like that. Maybe down the line I’ll feel more comfortable with myself, but right now I just can’t see myself doing it.”

On another occasion, Caitlyn told her stepdaughter Kim Kardashian that she was considering a surgery to alter her voice. Kim expressed her concern, “What if they made a mistake and you had no voice?”

Caitlyn previously declared that she’s “more on the conservative side” and her view on social issues have raised concern among her trans friends, who tried to explain the need of social programs for trans people.

“Don’t, a lot of times, they can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry-level job?” Caitlyn said when discussing homeless and unemployed transgender people. “But you don’t want people to get totally dependent on it. That’s when they get in trouble. ‘Why should I work? I got a few bucks, I got my room paid for.’ ”

LGBT activist Jenny Boylan told the camera, “Now I’m worried.” She added, “Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she choses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. … If Cait’s going to be a spokesperson for the community this is something that she’s going to have to understand.”

Also in the episode, Caitlyn addressed dating rumors surrounding her. “She’s a very attractive lady,” Caitlyn said of her BFF Candis Cayne. She also admitted to the camera, “Candis is a beautiful woman, but as far as dating in the future, I have absolutely no idea.”

Ronda Kamihira was also rumored dating Caitlyn when the latter was still going by Bruce Jenner. Responding to this rumor, Ronda said, “It was so great when I found out.” In fact, the two are just friends and Ronda helped Caitlyn get through her early stages of transitioning