SAS hinges customer relations, financial inclusion on technology

Desan Naidoo

To drive innovation, improve efficiency, and achieve customer retention, SAS Africa has urged financial institutions and Deposit Money Banks to leverage technology, as only one per cent of the population is digital banking inclusive.

The Analytical Company added that businesses are more successful when they use data, analytics and collaborate in the new analytics economy.

Speaking during the SAS Road to Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Showcase in Lagos, Vice President, SAS Africa, Desan Naidoo, said the economy is changing trends toward analytics, where data, people and machines work right to accelerate innovation, and to take critical business decisions.

“At SAS, we are the leaders in business analytics software and services, and we help organisations across the globe transform their data into deep and well-defined insights. We provide insights that give fresh perspective on your business, helping to identify what’s working and fix what isn’t and innovating to keep you ahead of the competition.

“Our solutions turn large amounts of data into knowledge you can act on, and also empower business leaders to capitalise on new opportunities, and be seen as strategic business advisers by using analytics to align the marketing process with the customer journey,” he added.

Naidoo noted that SAS Africa operates with solutions that help businesses achieve a customer-centric business strategy with an integrated decision management approach reinforced by artificial intelligence capabilities such as machine learning and cognitive computing.

Source: G Business