APN wants organisations to drive business growth with new methodology


Driven by the need to boost business agility and deepen the adoption of functional management skill for excellence in both government and private sector, Agile Practitioners of Nigeria (APN) has urged the use of Agile Methodology.

APN, a body governing change practices and training certification, said the methodology does not only focuses on helping and developing individual’s career, but also allow a paradigm shift towards an innovative and problem solving mind set.

By leveraging on this business agility skills, the firm added that organisations and individuals will easily adapt to market changes and flexibly respond to customers’ demands.

Speaking during a press conference in Lagos, Agile Advisor Nigeria Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abiodun Osoba, observed that many individuals and businesses are challenged with bottleneck processes that can only be adequately managed by adopting agile methodologies.

Adding that innovation and technology has changed the market trend, she advised firms to be agile in order to be able to compete favourably, even in the international marketplace.

In her words: “Agile is a philosophy mindset approach to change. Once a business adopts agile methodology, it becomes dynamic in its operations and relations with stakeholders. Our certificate becomes more relevant because we are recognised internationally. Agile is a culture one embraces”.Osoba stressed that she looks forward to a new Nigeria where firms do not need expatriates to work because the locals are equally seasoned in the field.“The business trend is now more about optimising business and product, also delivering value. We also encourage individuals and companies to adopt Agile models of management and corporate governance or risk being left behind.

“The ability to quickly adapt is germane for the survival of modern enterprises, and our partnership with Agile professionals in Nigeria will complement our mission to help organisations innovate, improve productivity, and remain relevant in our rapidly-changing world. Our membership will greatly benefit from this collaboration,” she added.

According to Osoba, the APN, through its partners and members provide the opportunity that will allow organisations connect with other industry leaders and share experiences and insights, helping all members and organisations to better navigate the emerging and complicated domain of business agility.

Source: G Business