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After its maiden art residency, Alexis Galleries, Ikoyi, Lagos, is set for the opening of a joint show by two contemporary artists, Promise O’nali and Godwin Arikpo. Entitled, Of Fractals and Embryos, the show begins on November 3, 2018.

The exhibiting artists, in statement, said, “Of Fractals and Embryos is a commingle of two artists and their different philosophies of the evolution of consciousness.”

The statement continues, “it encapsulates the idea of embryos, as an artistic exploration of the evolution of collective consciousness and how it enhances human development. Our circulatory system, lungs and brains are like trees. They are fractal structures. Most natural bodies, including human beings, are composed of many different types of fractals woven into one another, each with parts which have different fractal dimensions.”

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alexis Galleries, Mrs. Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis,“this is the first time the works of these selling artists will be on view in Alexis Galleries.

“We are happy to show their recent works. The exhibition will feature about 30 paintings and mixed media masterfully created,” Mastrogiannis said, adding, “in eight years, wehave engaged in the presentation and dissemination of contemporary art in the media of painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture. We have established ourselves rapidly as one of the best galleries in Nigeria, a meeting place for artists, collectors and enthusiasts of art.

“We have supported artists to organise and showcase their works and talents through numerous exhibitions, as we desire to take Nigerian artists to greater heights in strengthening the ever vibrant Nigerian art circle.” Mastrogiannis added, “with this outing, we have expanded our scope to include collaboration with NGOs, organising residence programmes, workshops, as well as yearly exhibitions.”

Arikpo, while looking at the show’s theme, said, “it best explains the fact that as humans, we are all a part of one single unfurling fractal reality and connected to each other. Everything in the universe is connected as part of this great expanding fractal cosmic entity. Each life form is a variant of fractal dynamics.”

Also speaking, O’nali said, “We Are Embryos is a metaphor for evolution, change, growth, advancement, formation. Evolving consciousness doesn’t happen overnight, people will have to experience the pros and cons of certain actions before deciding on the best option. And these changes would have to begin with a shift in our individual and collective consciousness. We have to decide consciously to make things easier and better for the ourselves and our immediate environment, this will in turn, have a ripple effect, which would set off a kind of Pandora’s box that puts our consciousness on a higher pedestal.”

O’nali added, “the paintings of circles and embryos are metaphors for consciousness evolution, these works are mostly of figures in profile, embedded in circles, laden with embryonic swirls which represent the consciousness bubble of each individual, family, community, nation, etc.”.

Source: G Entertainment


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