Know These Simple Positions To Achieve Orgasm

Know These Simple Positions To Achieve OrgasmGuardian Life

Have you ever considered that the simplest positions could give you the best orgasms imaginable? Hard, fast, deep thrusts are great, but slow, deliberate movements can give even more heightened sensations during sex.

If you’re interested in experimenting with speed and depth and are what some people describe as a ”lazy lover”, here are some tried-and-true positions that can take your orgasms up a notch, and give the appearance of putting in work. Alternative, if none of these positions do the trick for you, or your partner just doesn’t cut the mustard, so to say, you may want to look into alternative options such as love balls in order to reach the best orgasm possible.

The flat iron

You get double the pleasures of doggy for about half the work. Flat on your belly, face down, hips slightly raised – think of it as a flipped missionary. The bonus of this position is it gives a more snug fit and a low, deliberate, thrusts heighten everything.

Magic Mountain

If you’re more into stimulation than penetration, your clitoris will love you and your partner for this one. It requires a little more effort because you have to support your body with your arms, but the payoff is worth it.

The cowboy

Yes, the gentleman can ride too. Flip the tables and let him straddle you. Closed legs will make the fit a little snugger. Modify this by rocking side to side slowly while he thrusts, or having him pin your hands above your head for a little bondage play, or some light choking to heighten the intensity.

The OM

This is cute and intimate. Remember to rock not thrust, and loosen the grip of your legs around his waist intermittently for a little more ”oomph”.


This position is so versatile because you can gist while he thrusts or rocks gently. For deeper penetration, have him place a hand on your shoulder. Best part, cuddlers can comfortably drift off to la-la land after a satisfying orgasm.

The X-factor

The intensity of this position comes not only from the smugness crossing your legs create, but also from your partner having their feet firmly planted on the ground. This gives him more control of depth, angle, and intensity, allowing you to relax and focus on that orgasm.

Because a lot of women do not orgasm from penetration, these positions were picked because of the amount of clitoral stimulation they offer. Should a situation where the bumping and grinding still isn’t hitting the spot present itself, these positions also allow you reach down and give yourself a little rub to help the ‘Big O’ along with no awkwardness.