Malawians Goes to Poll Today

The head of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on Monday said the commission is ready for the tripartite elections today (Tuesday).

Justice Jane Ansah, Chairperson of the MEC, gave the assurance during a news conference at the tallying centre in Blantyre for the vote, which will elect a president, members of parliament and local government councilors.

She said the distribution of both electoral materials and personnel had been concluded and that the electoral body expected a high turnout among the estimated 6.8 million registered voters.

“The MEC has done everything possible to ensure that it delivers a free and transparent electoral process,” Ansah said, rejecting reports of attempts to rig the elections as baseless.

She urged citizens to ignore those reports, saying they were only meant to instill fear and cause people to lose morale in participating in the voting process