‘NFF choice of foreign coach dishonour to Omagbemi’

Former Technical Director of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Kashimawo Laloko has described the appointment of a foreign coach for the Super Falcons as a disservice to Florence Omagbemi.

The NFF on Thursday announced the selection of American, Randy Waldrum, as the new technical adviser of Super Falcons. Before then, the football house had told the former coaches of the team, led by Omagbemi, to reapply if they were still interested in their positions.

Speaking with The Guardian yesterday, Laloko said what the NFF did to Omagbemi was unjust, adding it was punishment for her perceived role in the protest over bonuses and match allowances by the Falcons following their victory at the 10th African Women Nations Cup in Cameroun last year.

“Our people have suspicious ways of doing things. Omagbami was in the Super Falcons as a player for a very long time. I knew her back then with Jegede Babes.“If you were asking people to reapply, it is the politics of the show that they want to play. This lady did a lot for this nation both as a player and a coach. Even after winning the trophy in Cameroun they still asked her to go. I think they simply wanted to find a way to eliminate her after the players’ demands,” he said.

Laloko, a lecturer at the Nigeria Institute of Sports, said: “As far as I am concerned, the removal of Omagbemi looks unserious and very ridiculous. Why should they remove her? Now that we have ‘watchers’ running our football, what can we do? If you want to apply now they will say you have no stake. It is not proper, it very disrespectful to bring another white coach to oversee our senior female national team.

“I hope someday God will intervene in all these things. Let them do what they like as everything in life is temporary. I was the nation’s technical director for seven years. Where am I now? If people know how to behave they will know that everything in life is temporary and will always be careful and do what is right so that they can be remembered for good tomorrow,” he stated.

It would be recalled the Omagbemi led the Falcons to beat hosts, Cameroun to lift the title last December, the first African woman to win the AWC title as a player and coach.

Source: G Sport