#AtikuIsComing vs #AtikuBusted trend as tribunal decides Atiku-Buhari case today

Social media followers, party faithful and supporters of ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar and President Muhammadu Buhari have committed to praying for Nigeria as the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal rules on the case involving the two leaders.

The two opposing groups have since adopted two hash tags — #AtikuIsComing and #AtikuBusted — for Atiku and Buhari respectively.

See some of the tweets:

Tosin Olaluwoye ?? ??@tosin_olaluwoye

Today is really not the end of the presidential election wahala.

Regardless of who the declares winner today, those saying and those saying (and NOT coming) will have to wait for the supreme court judgement.

May Nigeria win.

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David Ashaolu@AshaKonko

I’ve always maintained that if the Tribunal would apply the law as it is, without looking for a finger to hide behind to give judgment to President Buhari at all cost, Alh Atiku Abubakar has this.

But I want to be circumspect.

David Ashaolu@AshaKonko

So I read and listened to President Buhari’s camp views as why the campaigns, and were launched.

I expected that they would provide narratives based on happenings in court, admitted evidence and written addresses to energise their base…

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Titan ??@sassypresh

Anyone expecting the Tribunal to rule in Atiku’s favor is being delusional. No be this country again?

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‘Kunle Adeniran@kunle_adeniran

Today is the day that the Lord has made.

Judgement day.

Thanking God Almighty because because as several times.

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Dear Buharists,

You are trending and without verifying what you are trending and can’t defend it. Please if anyone is sensible enough, come and tell me how these images you are portraying correlate?

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