De Lankaster Rape: Watch As Owner Of Hotel Tries To Protect Rape Suspects |

De Lankaster Rape: Watch As Owner Of Hotel Tries To Protect Rape Suspects |

Users of social media are by now familiar with the rape incident that took place between a 23-year-old girl and two men, Razaq Segun and Don-Chima George, the son of Da Lancaster Hotel where the incident took place.

Shortly after the incident, the brother of the victim got the two men arrested. However, soon after it became public, a Nigerian user @KingNelo2 claimed that the two had been released.

“I honestly cannot believe the audacity of Nigeria and money. So 1) Don-Chima George and Ricco were released scot-free for rape 2) Don-Chima’s father then got the police to arrest the victim’s brother, sister and friend. As in, right now her brother is in jail. I am furious.

“This is Nigeria where anyone can get away with rape. How dare you, Don-Chima George? You and your father think you are above the law? On top of the trauma you have inflicted on this girl, you now want to use other ways to punish her? You and your father won’t get away with it.

“And the Nigeria police deleted the f**king video (evidence of rape). They deleted the video so that these rapist animals can get away with it. Don-Chima, you know your father can’t protect you forever. You are done on these streets.”

This claim was later refuted by the Police Command who assured citizens that the men were still remanded in prison. In a new development, a video has now surfaced of the brother when he contracted the police and men that bear a striking resemblance to thugs.

In another video, the owner of the hotel tries to protect his son from being taken away:

Take a look: