Epic Battle: Agba Jalingo Vs Florence Ita Giwa

Senator Ita Giwa Visits Bakassi IDPs Estate In The Middle Of Night, Reacts…

Chairman, allocation committee of the housing estate built by governor Ayade for the Bakassi IDPs, Senator Florence Ita Giwa visited the estate late last night after a video emerged with the woman photographed with governor Ayade after purportedly taking possession of her house, saying she wasn’t given any house.

She reacted in the attached video.

Earlier, the senator wrote a statement and called me all sort of names for exposing the fraud she wanted to perpetrate in this project.

Senator Ita Giwa is 74 years old. My mum died at 74. She is old enough to be my mother. She can call me any name that catches her fancy. That is ok by me. I will not call a grandmother old enough to give birth to me names.

I will only tell her three things:

  1. Agba Jalingo did not say anything. It was the woman who she (Ita Giwa) arranged to come and do photo up with the governor that said herself on video that she wasn’t given a house after the photo up. Our job as journalists is to give voice to the voiceless. She sent us to the governor and we have delivered the message perfectly.


  1. I am delighted that we (CrossRiverWatch) smoked her (Ita Giwa) out of her cherished comfort zone which she boasted about in her press statement, in the middle of the night to go and expedite action on meeting the request of that widow which she begged for on video.
  2. Lastly, the penthouse, wealth, private physicians, private jets and exalted place in life that Senator Ita Giwa bragged about; I would have envied her if they were earned from a business or enterprise with track record and not from the prolonged exploitation of the plight of the riverine people of Bakassi in the corridors of power. If I ever were to pass through those hallowed venues where she has traversed, I will be the one to call the governor from retirement to come and commission a bigger estate for the neglected people of Bakassi rather than bragging about where opportunism and the exploitation of my people for gain, has placed me in life to my grandchild.

Just give mama and those women their homes and let us move to the next chapter jare.

Yours sincerely,

Citizen Agba Jalingo.

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa replied:

“Agba Jalingo you have met your match” – Sen. Ita Giwa replies.

“I am a product of journalism and activism by birth and marriage, therefore I refuse to

be gagged or misrepresented by any person masquerading as a journalist. In fact you will have to kill me first before i allow anyone to toy with my hard earned reputation in Nigeria.

I cherish the high ideals of journalism and will go to any extent in the pursuit of truth and equity, indeed i insist that Nigerians deserv to be served the truth at all times. My late mother Chief Beatrice Bassey was an activist journalist who was jailed several times by the authorities of her era, and Dele Giwa the man who married me paid the ultimate price for the profession.

I am therefore intimately aware of the high price journalists pay in the pursuit of truth hence my tremendous respect for the profession. However, you Mr Agba Jalingo are a common blackmailer and merchant of falsehood. Unlike other people you have picked on, I am not obliged to pander to any government or person. I am independent and beyond being bought over or threatened.

My earlier statement contained some cogent facts that your disjointed rejoinder has failed to address. You pointedly lied about my being smuggled into Calabar a day before the ceremony. This clearly stands you out as a fraud and pathological liar. I am willing to provide the invoice and flight manifest of the private jet that brought me into Calabar on the 2nd of May.

You had better provide your proof of my being smuggled into Calabar on the 28th of May, failure to do this will result in my instituting legal action against you. Believe me when I say all the proceeds of your blackmail enterprise would be awarded to me at the end of the day.

Your obstinate insistence on hiding behind a poor old Bakassi widow to practice your juvenile Obudu local politics is typical of the intellectual midget that you are. If it is not that you’re a moron, the issue of the widow not physically occupying the housing unit has been attributed to the current lack of security at Ifia Oyong. Maybe your deficient upbringing and limited intelligence has beclouded your ability to appreciate the need for a poor old widow to be secure in the home that the Governor graciously allotted to her. In this era of the Covid pandemic and the need for social distancing, it is commendable that the government has built housing units for some Bakassi indigenes in a bid to eliminate the overcrowding at the refugee camps.

All of this is lost on you as you engage imaginary opponents in your quixotic  battles. Knowing how nefarious characters like you can be, I made it a point to visit the said widow at the refugee camp to ensure that she has not been spirited away to extract more false stories which you will then, attribute to her.

Your envious reference to some of my hard earned advantages in life and glib attribution of them to unknown business track records is proof positive of your “Johnny Come Lately” status. 28 years ago when I ran for a seat in the national assembly, After qualifyi g as a nurse and  eing trained as a medical secretary in England. I returned to Nigeria and worked as a sales representative in 2 major pharmaceutical companies before striking out on my own.

I thus became a leading business woman in Lagos with extensive interests in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment supply sector. I have since expanded my business interests to include oil and gas which is my right as a Niger Delta woman. If you must know, i do not own a private jet but per adventure i do, I will not have any reason to apologise as I am eminently qualified to own one. I simply chattered one to come to Calabar and if that gives you sleepless nights too bad.


Seeing as your progenitors lack the enterprise to rise to the lofty heights hardwork and providence has graced me with, I can understand your jealous irritation. While you have been busy practicing your stomach infrastructure variety of journalism, I have been advancing the course of my people of Bakassi and expending a considerable amount of my personal resources to provide succour for them. The infradig of a low-life like you attempting to cast aspersions on me is quite revealing of your lunacy. You had better prepare to substantiate your hallucinations about me in court as I promise to sue you for all you’re worth, let me assure you that I am prepared to dedicate a considerable amount of my time and resources to teaching a runt like you a lesson or two on manners and decorum. If in the past you’ve gotten away with your egregious practice of yellow journalism, you have now bitten more than your decayed teeth can ever chew. This Mama as you call me has your time and will not hesitate to go toe to toe with you”.

Dame, Senator (Princess) Florence Ita-Giwa OON.

Agba Jalingo:

That’s no big deal. The court room is not a firing squad. I hate empty noise. I saw what she wrote where she told us her entire life history merely because I exposed the fraud she wanted to perpetrate. I didn’t know she could get that angry at that old age. Let’s meet in court.

Senator Ita Giwa is just creating unnecessary drama and distraction. Allocate the 52 houses transparently. We will be there to snap the pictures and tell the story. Stop the threats.

This is a public project which the governor has announced publicly that homes have been handed over to beneficiaries. These houses were not built with Senator Ita Giwa’s money, as rich as she claims she is. It is public money.

It is our right to know the names of those who got which flat in that estate. How was allocation done? How was the selection of the beneficiaries done? Was it transparent?

I maintain that this issues are exactly what Senator Ita Giwa is running away from and covering up with calling me names and threatening a court action.

I have no intention of going to court with an old grandmother. I am only asking pertinent questions that demand transparent answers from someone who should know.

It is that feeling that I am just a child and she is an unquestionable old grand mother that is making her upset.

Let her allocate those houses and make the details public and we move to the next chapter.

The Senator also threatened in her reply that she will sue me and collect everything I have gathered through “blackmail”. Whatever that means to her. Sorry ma’am, I don’t even have anything a rich boastful woman like you can seize. The house I am building is targeted for demolition for Obudu airport. I may even be one of your allottees in the IDP estate ma.

Don’t you rather think that God is also interested in demystifying the roguish political class in our state?

This conversation continues tomorrow…


Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


RE: Agba Jalingo Has Met His Match – Ita Giwa

In her reply with the above title, Senator Ita Giwa wants to sue me for accusing her of attempting to perpetrate fraud in the allocation of the 52 housing units built for the Bakassi IDPs. It is peace loving people that go to court. I congratulate her and say I will learn that from her in the future. Never to take another path when I am sufficiently aggrieved.

I will continue to ignore all the unprintable names she has been hauling at me, but her pontification about having a meritorious public service in her reply is a lie I won’t allow to go like that. In fact, it is exactly the opposite about her, that is sustaining my curiosity about how those houses are to be allocated. It is exactly because I doubt that she can ever deliver impecabble public service, that is why I am asking questions both as a journalist and as a Cross Riverian and most importantly as a Citizen who is also concerned about the plight of the people of Bakassi.

Since 1989 when I was just a teenager, I began to hear about Ita Giwa and how she allegedly mismanaged money that was given to her Flobbeth company to supply hospital beds for Primary Health Centers in Cross River state. That was during the military government of Navy Captain Ibim Princewill.

Lt. Col. Ernest Kizito Attah took over from Ibim Princewill and was Military Governor of Cross River State, between December 1989 and January 1992 during the military regime of General Ibrahim Babangida.

When Kizito assumed office, he found so many discrepancies with the state finances that he dissolved the entire state cabinet and set up two panels of inquiry headed by high court judges Emmanuel Effanga and Dorothy Nsa Eyamba-Idem, to probe the administration of his predecessor, Ibim Princewill.

Senator Ita Giwa’s Flobett company was then executing contracts to build health centers and schools in Atabong and Abana.

The Justice Emmanuel Effanga led tribunal indicted the Senator for claiming to have bought hospital beds worth an inflated cost of N3million from public money.

There were unconfirmed reports that she was remanded at Afokang Prison till the following day on the orders of the tribunal and was released after she refunded the money but checks at Afokang did not confirm this information. Checks were run from 1989 till 1999 and there wasn’t any record of her warrant in the prison though some of the records where said to have been destroyed by rains and other factors over time.

It is that long ago that this name has been associated with misappropriation of public money and there is no such moral high ground for such name to stand and haul invectives at me for requesting that the allocation of ordinary 52 buildings for IDPs should be done transparently.

As for suing me to court. Like I pointed out, it is peace loving people that go to court and may the wisdom of the courts suffice to guide us when we get there.

Thank you.

To be continued!

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.