How Christians Can Change Nigeria, By Osinbajo, Bakare


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has called on godly Christians to embrace public service to right the wrongs of the nation.

He spoke at the 50th anniversary of Shepherdhill Baptist Church Lagos.

Osinbajo spoke on the anniversary lecture titled the role of the contemporary church in nation-building: pessimism, optimism or activism).

He received golden award alongside Dr. Christopher Kolade, Pastor Tunde Bakare and 30 others.

According to him, only those involved in government will understand the peril of being in politics.

Enumerating some challenges associated with public service, he said church has a great role to play in politics.

According to him: “ When people go into politics or occupy positions of authority, they are quick to say you are in the kingdom for such of time as these without remembering that they themselves didn’t represent God with their positions.”

Osinbajo urged Christians to practise the gospel by praying for those who persecute them.

He said: “I met a woman whose children were killed by Boko Haram but strangely the woman told me that we have a duty to bring those people to Christ.

“I was surprised because the truth if Stephen has cursed Saul for stoning him to death, a man who wrote much of the New Testament would have died.”

Founder of Latter Day Assembly Pastor Tunde Bakare shared how he was converted from Islam.

“I converted to Christianity from Islam 54years ago and I found so much uniqueness in knowing Christ and the worship of God and therefore embrace whole heartedly, the church is a nation builder because of its role played through missionary and strategic positioning and institutions,” he stated.

He said the church must begin to develop strategies for positioning God’s people for good governance and developmental strides. [THE NATION]



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