Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her ‘Favorite’ Fan’S Birthday in New Orleans

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her ‘Favorite’ Fan’s Birthday in New Orleans
The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star shows how close she is to her fans as she celebrates her ‘favorite’ fan’s birthday in New Orleans and gives the fan a pair of Yeezy shoes.
Kim Kardashian shows how close she is to her fans. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star who was recently in New Orleans with some pals took time to hang out with a fan on her birthday.

Kim took to Instagram to post a snap with the birthday fan who goes by name Myleeza Kardashian. “Happy Birthday @MyleezaKardash I’m so thankful to spend your 21st birthday with you here in New Orleans!” read the caption. “You have always been so real & supportive! Your tweets light up my day!!! Love you forever doll!”

Myleeza was undoubtedly excited about Kim’s presence on her birthday. The birthday girl also received a pair Yeezy shoes from the reality TV star. She even posted a video showing her idol signing an autograph on the shoes box for her. A caption for the video read, “YEEZYS STRAIGHT FROM MRS.WEST’S MANICURED HANDS!!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST!”

Myleeza also posted on Twitter one of her conversations with Kim which made some fans jealous of her. She tweeted, “I asked was I her favorite and she said ‘yes!Without a doubt!’ IM DEAD FOREVER.”

Kim quickly clarified her statement as she didn’t want the other fans to feel upset. “When I said @MyleezaKardash was my fave I meant it because you are all my favorites!!!! I love you all the same!” she wrote. “I see all of the tweets & instagrams whether I follow u or not! They give me life!!!! I didn’t mean to offend anyone by calling her my fave. Every doll is my favorite!!!! Love you guys soooo much!!!!”