Little Saints Orphanage celebrates 25th anniversary

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In commemoration of it’s 25th anniversary, the Little Saints Orphanage, urges all friends and donors to visit the orphanage located Warri, Ibadan, Itele, Ogudu, Akowonjo and Abule-Egba on the 4th of June to celebrate with the children.

The orphanage which was founded on June 4, 1994, was the first non-governmental indigenous orphanage approved by the Lagos state government in Nigeria.

The orphanage has in the past 25 years rehabilitated, reformed and re- integrated children who have had to overcome their traumatic experiences such as abandonment, rejection, abuse and even modern day slavery.

In a press release by the Founder of the orphanage, Reverend Mrs Dele George said, “being the first private orphanage to be registered by the Lagos State Government in 1994, Little Saints Orphanage has blazed the trail of institutional care of vulnerable children. With an outstanding network of support, excellent facilities , a dynamic team of social workers and care givers, the orphanage has raised hundreds of children who have been able to overcome their negative childhood experiences and blossomed into young adults ready to make their mark in the world.

“Little Saints Orphanage can also boast of having the highest number of children to be adopted by any orphanage. The orphanage works in collaboration with the ministry of Youth and Social Development in Lagos State, and the ministry of Women Affairs in other states of operations on issues of adoption, care and protection.”

The orphanage has received numerous awards for their demonstration of excellence in charity and child welfare.

The orphanage currently operate in four states of the country and is a member of the Association of orphanages and Homes operators in Nigeria (ASOHON).

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