Red House wins Dawn Michaels schools sports festival


Pupils of Dawn Michael School (DMS), Okota, Lagos doing a Taekwondo presentation at the school’s second annual sports festival held… at the weekend.

Lovers of sports were at the weekend thrilled by the fantastic performances put up by the pupils of Dawn Michaels Schools (DMS) at the second edition of their annual sports festival.

The keenly contested competition by the Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple houses saw Red House with 154 points emerging as the overall best in the game. Blue House came second with 141points; Purple House was third with 139 points, while Yellow House came fourth with 118 points.

With the theme, “Sustaining the flames”, the tourney featured pupils from both the nursery and primary sections in various events, including athletics, sack race, ball through hoops, aiming at basket, blindfold and balls picking the ball, amongst others.

Speaking during the event, the School’s Director, Mrs. Ndulue Uche, who noted the importance of sports in the total development of a child, said the inter house competition was aimed at encouraging the pupils to discover their talents in sports, while pursuing their educational career.

“In DMS, we believe in all round training and development of the child. These children should not only be trained in academics but also physical activities because it helps in their cognitive development. We are also aware that some children are not too good in academics but do perfectly in sporting activities, we try to harness these potentials in them using the tool of cheers by the audience to inculcate in them the need for hard work, perseverance and the essence of victory,” she said.

The Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Amaechi Okwose, who was represented by his wife, Mrs. Maryanne Okwose expressed satisfaction with the performance and enthusiasm of the children at the competition.

“DMS is a school that provides a joyous learning environment for our children and provides them the opportunity to attain an enviable height both in learning and character while developing their mental and physical capacities. It is an institution that raises generation of future leaders, good mannered and trustworthy children whom we hope shall build the Nigeria of tomorrow, where success and achievement shall be measured by hard work and merit,” she reiterated.

Source: G Sport



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