“You Snatched…Made Me Cry” Dayo Amusa Reconciles With Former Best Friend, Faithia Balogun On birthday (photos)

Former best friends and colleagues, actors Dayo Amusa and Faithia Balogun have reconciled from their messy fight.

Dayo Amusa, who would always flaunt Faithia’s kids on her page, calls her Adunni, while Faithia calls her Aduke.

Only for Faithia to put up a post on friendship and why people should avoid fake friends in 2018.

“No matter what you do, people will not be satisfied,the ones you call your friends are the ones who will laugh behind your back and stab you. Be careful of this kind of friends,” she inserted an inscription on her IG handle.
She also wrote, “Friendship is beautiful but when it is not getting the right things done neither is it moving you forward it’s time to check things out. Have a beautiful day my people! I love you all.” ❤️❤️❤️?

As if waiting for her to write this, Dayo Amusa was at the comment section and wrote, “Practice what you preach.”

And from then, they stopped attending each other’s events or showing PDAs on social media. The peak of the disagreement was Dayo’s resolve not to appear at Faithia’s mum’s burial and faithia also failed to show up at Dayo’s pyjamas party for her birthday.

Interestingly, we found out that Faithia and Dayo had the misunderstanding on their personal relationships with some certain men.

“They are women and they all roll together in the social circles. Though none has talked about it to colleagues, its obvious it has to do with intimate relationship they are having with men. Very soon, everything will be unveiled,” a source revealed.

Well, all that is in the past now as Dayo Amusa has wished faithia Balogun on Instagram moment ago.

Sharing several intimate photos of them, Dayo wrote:

“You gave, shared and snatched. You made me smile, cry and fight. But you never ceased to love, care and bother. I will always love you for this, my sister ❤️ May God bless you with all you desire. Wishing you a great and rocking Birthday Adunni Ade Mii”

We are glad they have resolved their issues!