Mind Your MIND Proverbs 7:23

Wilfred A Peterson says “Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.”  Brain Tracy affirms that “Your ability to think is your most precious resources. Your ability to choose, decide and then to take action determines everything that happens to you. And you ability to choose your own thoughts and reactions is one thing over which you have complete control.”  Solomon, the wisest King of the Bible says in Proverbs 7:23, “You become what you think about most of the Time”.  Your most precious resource for success is your mind; therefore, you need to mind your MIND!

Our mind is a battlefield, as Joyce Meyer postulated, and the scriptures confirmed.  Our ability to think, plan, decide, and take action is the most powerful force in our lives. This power is the starting point of every good thing that happens to us and when we take full control over our thinking, our entire world changes as well.”

Our mind is so powerful that when properly directed it can bring virtually anything we want in life. Our thoughts are creative. The Bible made us to understand that from our mind come the thoughts of good and evil. Our thoughts are the causes that create the conditions of our life. Everything that we have in our lives today, we have attracted to ourselves by the way we think. The reason that some people are more successful than others is that successful people think differently from unsuccessful people. And if you develop the ways of thinking of successful people, you will soon enjoy what successful people enjoy.

“You become what you think about most of the time.” This is the most powerful application of mental law. The direction of your life and everything that happens to you is determined by the way you think, by the thoughts going on in your mind at the moment, whether positive or negative, constructive or destructive or critical. The best news of all is that, if you change your thinking, you change your life. In fact, all great changes in your life begin with your changing your thinking in some specific way, for better or for worse.

You need to think like a winner!  Successful people think about what they want and how to get it most of the time. As a result of this metal focus, they accomplish vastly more than average person, even though they might have started off with no particular advantage.  Unsuccessful think and talk about what they don’t want most of the time. They think and talk about who they are mad at and who is to blame for their predicament, most of the time.

The difference between David and the others is better explained in this light especially when they confronted Goliath. David’s thought when he met Goliath was that of a winner and not a victim. A teenager, smallish and boyish meeting a man of 7 feet tall ordinarily should be scared, but his mind was on what he wanted and how to get it.   He never saw himself as a victim. His mental alertness gave him the victory and made him an amazing achiever. David first defeated Goliath inside, before the victory manifested outside.

Successful people are far more optimistic than average people. Their optimism is incurable. They have a positive mental attitude toward themselves and others. Proverbs 15 verses 13 and 15 makes us to know that optimism is an energizer. The more optimistic an positive you are, the more energy and enthusiasm you will have. Your immune system will be stronger and more resilient to disease and infection. You will seldom be sick. You will get along with less sleep and you will have more mental and physical energy throughout the day.  The more optimistic you are the more creative you will be as well. You will constantly come up with great ideas and recognize new possibilities to help you move on even faster toward your goals, the goals you think about most of the time. Your determination to become a more optimistic person, in every part of your life, will do more to assure your success and happiness than any other single quality you can develop.

Your level of optimism can be defined as your level of mental fitness. You need to mind your MIND. You can develop a form of mental fitness by practicing some specific mental exercise. Paul, the Apostle thought us to say “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”  How many times do say this in your mind when you come across your Goliath?

Let me share with you another seven ways of thinking or mental exercises I learnt from Brain Tracy.

First, develop an attitude of future orientation. This is the most common characteristics of successful people. Joseph was an example of future oriented man? He never got wearied in his situations in life. The quality of future oriented man is VISION; Vision of a better tomorrow, better future for themselves, their families and their organizations. Future oriented people give a lot of thought to the future and what it will look like when they get there. Future oriented people are very clear about what their lives will look like in the next five years from now if they were perfect in every respect. They can tell you where they are going and how they want to get there.  There are present oriented people, who dwell in their today; there are past oriented people who dwell in their past this people are vague and fuzzy about their future. Their minds are filled with regrets and blames. My brothers and sisters, you need to develop a dream list for yourself. If you are married sit down with your spouse to make the dream list. No time is too late. Create a five year vision and with God you will be there.

The second attitude is goal orientation. Successful people set goals, think about their goals and how they can achieve them most of the time. Unsuccessful people think about their problems and spend their time criticizing, complaining and making excuses, most of the time. Goal setting is thinking on paper. Brain Tracy argued “Only three percent adults have written goals. The 97% have wishes, hopes and fantasies; people without goals work for people who do have goals. When we write down our goals they become tangible and concrete. They become subject to positive manipulation and definite action. Set you goals to cover all aspect of your life. There are steps to setting goals; first decide exactly what you want in each area of your life’ second write down clearly and specifically; third, set deadline for you goal and if necessary set sub deadlines; fourth, make list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goals; fifth, organize you list into plan; sixth take action on your plan immediately; seventh resolve to do something every day on your plans.   Once you have determined your goals and written them down, think about them all the time.

The third attitude for great success is excellent orientation. All successful people are very good at what they do, without exception. Imagine Asaph testimony of David in Psalm 78 verse 72 “…And he cared for them with a true heart and skilful hands.”  That is a testimony of excellence. You must also become very skilful at your job or anything you do. To achieve greatly, you must commit to excellence in your work. To be excellent you need to sharpen your skill. Think of what you need to do to sharpen your skill.

The fourth attitude is result orientation. Successful people think continually about results that are expected of them. They are constantly writing and planning and setting priorities on their most important tasks. Please note! Result is everything. The quality and quantity of your results will determine the quality and quantity of your rewards.

The fifth is solution orientation.   Solution orientation requires that you think of the solution to the problem most of the time. You think of what can be done and how the problem can be solved instead of what has happened and who is to blame. The more you think about the problems most of the time, the more negative, angry, and pessimistic you become. But when you think and talk about the solutions, you become positive, creative and optimistic.  Life is a continuous succession of problem. They never end.  Your ability to solve problems largely determines your success and your income. This ability determines how far you go and how high you rise in life. How good are you at problem solving? The key to becoming an excellent problem solver is for you to think and talk about possible solutions most of the time.

The sixth is growth orientation. The fact of life is that your life gets better when you get better. Growth oriented people are absolutely committed to themselves and to their future. They are eager to learn and practice new ideas, insights, techniques, methods and strategies. They are hungry for information. Like sponges, they soak up everything they can from every source around them.  You can learn anything you need to learn to achieve any goal you can set for yourself.  I have said so much in subsequent editions, the importance of personal growth cannot be overemphasised. “Invest as much in your mind each year as you invest in your car, your ward robe …” Read one hour or more each day in your chose career, listen to audio programs in your car or at home, attend every course and seminar you can find, even if you have to pay to travel. Think about most important subject you can learn to achieve your goal.

Seventh, Action orientation! Resolve today to develop a sense of urgency in your life and your work. Resolve to move quickly when opportunity or necessity presents itself move faster.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you set for yourself by your own thinking. When you take complete control of your mind and keep your thinking focused on exactly the things you want and how to get them, you will move ahead faster and with greater certainty than by anything else you can possible do.  Never forget to give Holy Spirit the chance in your mind. That is one GREAT THING you have that others in world do not have. Leverage on this.

See you at the top