Ariana Grande reveals she recorded three version of “Thank U, Next”

Ariana Grande reveals she recorded three version of

Grammy award-winning singer, Ariana Grande has revealed that she recorded three versions of her hit single, “Thank U, Next”.

According to the 25-year-old, this was because her relationship with her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson was so “up and down”.

Grande who spoke candidly about her track during an episode of “The Zach Sang Show” revealed that one version was based around her marrying Pete. This was before she called off her engagement to the comedian one month after the death of her ex, Mac Miller.

During the interview, Grande said,

“In my relationship at the time, things were up and down and on and off, and so I didn’t know what was gonna happen. And then we got back together, so I had to make a different version of it, and then we broke up again, so we ended up going with that version.”

She added,

“There was a version where I was getting married, there’s a version where I’m not getting married, there’s a version with nothing [where] we’re not talking about anything.”

However the “7 Rings” crooner added that her whole team always knew it would be the version of “Thank U, Next” which has now been released, that would be the one to make the cut.

On her part, she wanted to cover all of the bases in case things fell apart, but she said it was a very big risk and a scary thing to discuss because it’s real life. she said,

“I understand that, to a lot of people, I’m not a real person. It’s easy to kind of see me as a song or a picture or a thing that kind of exists in their head, and they know what they know and that’s it.”

As the interview continued, Grande choked up and tried not to cry as she discussed her private life. She added,

“I’m like tearing up. It’s real s**t to me. It is real life. I’ve spent a lot of time with each of those people learning and s**t so it was scary to put in a song.”

During the interview, the “Bed” crooner also said that after announcing the names in her track it would mean closing a chapter, adding that it made it feel ‘super real’, alluding to her relationship with Davidson. She said that her alternative single was “less direct” than the released version, saying,

“I think I said, “They say I’m too young, I got too many boyfriends.” I was just talking about what people say about me.

So it still was like, okay, I’m embracing my mistakes and what I’ve done and everything that’s contributed to who I am, but it was just less direct. And everyone including me was kind of like, “This is not the version.” But I was also trying to be protective.’

Grande who added that she was very nervous ahead of the song’s release because she knew people would react to her naming her ex-boyfriends. She said,

“My mom was like she’s just never been happier. My mom was like, “That’s just the best song I’ve ever heard in my life”. Because anyone who knows me, knows how Joan Grande has felt about every relationship I’ve ever been in. She has been so supportive and patient and bit her tongue and been a fantastic mother. That song is for my mom’s closure, and also a thank you to her for helping me through a lot of this shit.”


It would be recalled that Grande recently won her first Grammy award at the 61st Grammy award when she emerged the winner in the “Best Pop Vocal Album” category.