Battalions Of Imperial/ Royal Majesties On A Parole And Heritage Preservative Dichotomies In Oodua Land

Imperial or Royal Majesty? No, it’s a misnomer. His “Imperial Majesty” or “Royal Majesty” as a royal appellation or title for traditional rulers is a farce and a delusion of grandeur.

A king who is under the control of a local government Chairman and who can be removed at will by a governor for ridiculous allegations like insubordination cannot lay claim to any “Imperial Majesty” or ” Royal Majesty” except he is living in the past or he’s just entertaining himself on ego trip into self illusion.

The Queen Of England can still lay claim to the title of Her “Imperial Majesty” or “Royal Majesty” because many former colonial countries still belong to the commonwealth she heads and they still pay allegiance to the Queen. And no British Prime Minister even if Gandollar becomes one tomorrow can depose the Queen. That is historical fact.

Honestly, I don’t know why the sudden change and the new royal craze for “Imperial/ Royal Majesty” title by most kings even those 3rd class kings and some landless kings abroad that some crazy kings wrongly installed in Europe and America use the wrong title of “Imperial/ Royal Majesty”

I grew up to know kings, particularly Yoruba Obas, using the title of “His Royal Highness” (check royal almanac 1960s to 80s) Even those Obas without crowns then like the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Soun of Ogbomosho among others have now adopted the “Imperial Majesty” Can you imagine that?

Oba of Lagos with just a few kilometers land area mainly consisting of noisy markets, offices and factories surrounded by water and without any history of territorial conquest now swim and move arrogantly around as His Royal Majesty.

The landlocked Ijebu people that are notable to have produced highest number of Otunba in the country and strangely have more Otunbas than Obas in their territories with every Ijebu son that has a white house in his village automatically becoming an Otunba also joined the Imperial Majesty fad. Many of their Kings who preside over small land mass including cemeteries that have become sort of identity and tourist attraction still fling the Imperial Majesty hollow title.

Well, I once saw a letter written by the Queen to the Alake of Egba land in the nineteen century where the Alake was addressed as his Royal Majesty not Royal Highness. I guess it was an ego massage of the Alake possibly to hoodwink him to sell the people of Owu, Gbagura and Oke Ona into slavery to Oyinbo slave merchants. You know that colonial masters don’t massage ego for nothing.

A trip round Ondo and Ekiti states will reveal how that title of Imperial Majesty has been seriously devalued. Many of the kings who “king” over just few households think the title is synonymous to the acres of cocoa farms they possess. Almost all their Kings are now Imperial Majesty but without Imperial power. Some don’t even have palace yet they are Imperial Majesties. What a hollow ritualisation of Imperial Majesty title by our kings.

I don’t think the igbo kings have time for all this “imperialisation” of their crowns because many of them are hardworking business merchants tracking containers from ports to ports, they hardly stay in their villages because of money game.

The recent deposition of a “powerful” Emir of Kano by Gandollar with ease without a single street protest in kano confirms that his Imperial Majesty title is nothing but an oversized title. In many cases, it’s a distortion of their people cultural history and tradition.

Culture preservation is not when kings are in unnecessary title competition or supremacy battle but by giving the royal institution the carriage and respect and seeing their people as their backbone and not doing boy boy for any politician because of patronage.

In the final analysis, let government hand off from interfering in the selection, crowning and giving staff of office and salary to kings. Any community that wants to retain its kingship tradition which I support should be ready to fund and finance their Kings collectively.

Prince Oba-Loye Adimula believed that a perfect RACE is expected to have a “Supreme King” and a “Supreme Spititual Leader”. Who is now the Supreme King or the Supreme Priest in Oodua Land today? Yoruba adage emphasised that “OBA LO NI ILE, OSA LO NI OBA…” ( Meaning…KING OWN THE LAND, THE PRIEST OWN THE KING).

Now that everyone is now Imperial Majesty and Royal Majesty…..who is to be blame when most of the MAJESTIES do not even have a standing Structures on the land that they claimed MAJESTIES over, although some can successfully claimed Farm lands that does not belong to their forefathers? Or a Situation where an imaginary Majesty over a small settlement warning a Majesty that ones owned an Empire to the Throne’s credit!