Chime-Age urges youths to work hard

Eugene Chime-Age

Recently, Eugene Chime-Age, in his peculiar style of exploring different media to depict diverse situations, organised an exhibition of paintings tagged ‘Woman Filling The Broken Spaces.’ The event, which was held at Abuja International Conference Centre, had the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, and other distinguished guests in attendance.

Chime-Age advised young people to develop the will power to work hard at whatever their hands find to do because successful people started from somewhere.

According to him, “There are no free lunches anywhere. If you do not work, you cannot put food on your table or expect someone else to do it. For those who have studied one course or the other, they should still learn a skill to have something to fall back on when the job is not available. It is the future.”

Chime-Age said his motivation comes from his close study of the woman and came to the conclusion that indeed she is strong, resilient and resourceful and is capable of holding her own in the face of difficult situations.

“The works emphasise that the story of a home begins with a good wife and a mother,” he said. “The exhibition aims to encourage all women to hang in there and continue in their work or role of keeping a home and filling the spaces left behind by husbands and fathers, who have to toil to provide for their families.

“For this exhibition, the main challenge was that I had to put together all the materials I have been using for decades and even added some new ones. Most of them cannot be bought off the shelves so I had to drive to different places just to pick up materials. At the end of the day, the job always gets done and knowing the end result helps me cope with it.”

He said his memorable moments were when people study the works and want to know how he came up with the concepts and ask for explanation, adding, “The incredible thing is that I get the same reaction from art lovers over the years; they are always amazed at my explanation.

“My greatest influences are God, my wife who is my biggest fan and critic, and honest people with integrity, who mean what they say at all times.

Source: G Entertainment