Colleagues Support Kaffy Over Crashed Marriage


Earlier in the week, celebrity dancer, Kafayat Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, revealed that her marriage to drummer and producer, Joseph Ameh, had hit the rocks. In a series of posts on her Instagram page, she stated that divorces or separations were not supposed to be toxic or bitter, and that marriage was supposed to be an alignment of destinies. However, according to her, hers did not happen that way.

The dancer said, “Those who know me know l am more than a dancer. I explore my full humanity through dance. I am an advocate for human excellence and productivity. My marriage failed for so many reasons and I am grateful I failed because I was blind but now, I see.”

The Guinness World record holder added that she had launched a new podcast where she would share her experiences. She continued, “My truth has set me free from a lot that was wrongfully conditioned by various elements and one step at a time, I will share my mistakes, how I identified them, surviving depression, my process to healing, the kind of help I got, and so many life lessons I learnt and (I’m) still learning.

“People need to know a life out there can be saved. A marriage out there can do better than mine and more importantly, a second chance is always there for us all to take.”

Fans and colleagues of the mother-of-two commented on her posts, offering their support. Gospel singer, Nikki Laoye said, “Well said my sister. The whole truth right here. No need for bitterness or the toxicity at all. Kaffy, God has always been your strength, love. Hugs to you always.”

Actress, Omotunde David, aka Lolo1, posted, “Speak your truth darling.”

Another actress, Dayo Amusa, wrote, “I love you more.”

In another post, the dancer appreciated everyone who reached out to her, saying, “Wow! I want to say thank you to everyone who called, sent messages of prayers, who were concerned or worried, as well as those who were hurt regarding my marriage. It’s all love and I am grateful.

“There are lessons to be learnt and I won’t keep quiet about those lessons. Failure is information; not condemnation. Mine will be used to help others to do better and be better. Marriage can work but let’s all get off our high horses of wishful thinking and face the realities required to make it work.”

When Saturday Beats reached out to Kaffy, she said, “I really don’t want to grant an interview on this matter now. I don’t want to brew unnecessary assumptions which as you can see are already in motion. I was speaking my truth and I did not need to defend it. If you read my book, a lot of the answers you seek are there.”

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