Curse not thy enemies; pray for them- Pastor Otabil

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The head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church Pastor Mensa Otabil has cautioned Christians against the prayer of death and curses targeted at supposed enemies.

He said such prayers are no longer acceptable in the body of Christ which is governed by grace and not by law.

“The law came through Moses; Grace came through Jesus Christ…Grace does not pray against enemies; grace prays for the enemies,” he said to members of the Osu Restoration Temple who are celebrating their crystal Anniversary under the theme “15 years of God’s perfect grace.”

It was the second time the founder of the ICGC was visiting the Osu branch of the church established in the year 2000.

And his sermon titled “The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ” could not have been more appropriate.

Pastor Otabil, with scriptures from Mathew 5:17-18, John 1;14-18, Luke 24:44 led the congregation through a seamless explanation of how the Christians and the Israelites were governed by the law under Moses and how that law transformed into grace thanks to Jesus Christ.

“It was an eye for eye under the law and if we were to go by that, not many of us will still have our eyes intact because when you hit me, I will hit you,” he stated.

Pastor Otabil said it was obvious Christians could not obey the law which led to the provision of grace through Jesus Christ.

“Grace forgives and gives you the power to overcome challenges,” he exhorted.

Citing the examples of Steven and Jesus Christ, the man of God said even when they were beheaded and crucified respectively they both prayed for forgiveness and not condemnation of their adversaries.

Through that prayer Saul, who was the architect in the killing of Steven was saved, became known as Paul and later wrote a good number of the scriptures in the new testament.

If Steven had cursed or prayed for the death of Saul would he have been alive to work for God? Pastor Otabil asked.

“If a man of God curses somebody and it happens who did it? It cannot be Jesus; Satan used him; the God we serve through the grace does curse, he blesses,” he stated.

Pastor Otabil said of the fullness of God everybody has received grace but expressed disappointment that some Christians only see the expression of grace only in their salvation.

“There is grace for everything you need in life. There is grace for financial breakthroughs, there is grace for marriage, there is grace for child births,” pastor Otabil said, challenging Christians to work towards attaining the higher levels of grace.

“Grace is when God reaches out to you even when you have made a mess out of yourself,” he said adding even in the “miserable unbiblical prayers” some people still receive answers to their prayers thanks to the grace. I am a product of grace,” he said.

Head pastor of the Restoration Temple Rev Ashford Tawiah Smith was overwhelmed with joy of the grace and with the presence of his spiritual father.

He challenged Christians to hold on to the word at all times and expect the grace of God to saturate everything they do.

He took the opportunity to invite all members of the church as well as residents in and around Osu to be part of the medical outreach programme scheduled for Saturday as part of activities of the Crystal Anniversary celebration.

The climax of the anniversary is today with another powerful man of God, Rev Morris Appiah, Deputy General Secretary, ICGC as Guest Speaker.
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