I Didn’t Say Benin Should Return Me To Nigeria’ – Sunday Igboho

Chief Sunday Igboho in a statement released to some leaders of the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate  disclosed that he didn’t say Benin should return him to Nigeria as bloggers has said.

“Please, help me tell the Yoruba public, I didn’t say I should be returned to Nigeria.

“Why should I say so?”
“The person who recorded our telephone chat has demonstrated lack of integrity by recording and publishing our private conversation without my permission. I understand that amounted to criminal act in some countries of the world.

These were the utterances of Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho) as he narrated his plight to some leaders of the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate.

He cautioned that his statements should not be misinterpreted by the press.

It will be recalled that a voice message recorded by a blogger trended few days ago where the Yoruba nationalist cum self determination agitator had vexed against his alleged treatments by one of his legal representatives who he alleged ignored him while he had gone to visit his lawyer.

Igboho Oosa as popularly addressed by many of his compatriots said his words were taken out of context for reasons best known to those involved.

He explained what he meant was if God had wanted him in Nigeria, he would have been there. He said God had a reason why he gave him favour and victory in Cotonou over those after his life for seeking what is right and appropriate for his people.

He further stated unequivocally that returning to Nigeria for now was not one of his options. He expressed his appreciation for support he got from the leadership of Benin Republic and their judicial system which has utmost respect for the rule of law and democratic ideals.

Chief Adeyemo therefore appealed to the people of Yoruba Nation to ignore the misinterpretation of his statement as being presently propagated. He concluded by saying he has not given up his desire of a sovereign Yoruba Nation. In his conclusion he exclaimed “Yoruba Nation now, backward never”.

On our part, the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate kindly ask that Yoruba Citizens within the disputed Nigeria territory should be vigilant and protect themselves at all times. The threat of Fulani conquest of Yorubaland and subjugation of her citizens is real.

The Directorate condemns the activities of those looking for cheap popularity by engaging in a less than Omoluabi conduct. An example of such is the traitor who secretly recorded his conversation with Chief Adeyemo and released same to the media without consent.

IYoruba Nation Global Directorate. Media section.


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