Don’t Borrow Money For A Lavish Wedding And Be In Debt Afterwards – Yul Edochie

Actor Yul Edochie has said that anyone whose partner is pressurizing to borrow money for a lavish wedding should know that there is no love in that marriage.

The film director made it known that it will only lead the couples to debt, in his words;

Don’t borrow money to do a big wedding and be in debt afterwards.

It’s not a smart move. Do the level of the wedding you can afford. Then face your hustle.

You’re not here to impress anybody. God might bless you one or two years after then you can decide to spend your millions on your wedding anniversary annually.

If your spouse is pressuring you to borrow money and do a lavish wedding to impress people when he or she knows you don’t have money then that person doesn’t love you.


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