Experts Chart Ways To Improve Hospitality Sector

L-R FTAN President Nkweruem Onung, Mrs Sunmonu, NHCI New President Alhaji Olugbenga Sunmonu and NHCI New Life Vice President Mrs Bolanle Dada

…as NHCI appoints new president at 15th AGM

The Honorary Vice Chairman, Institute of Hospitality Uk-Nigeria (IoH), Olufemi Falebita has said there is need for Nigeria hotel sector to redefine hospitality in the country as there is demand for excellence in the future of hospitality globally.

Speaking at the Nigerian Hotel and Catering Institute (NHCI) 39th annual conference induction and 15th AGM, Falebita emphasised that the domestic hospitality have to develop itself to match with the global standard.

He said, “Nigeria hospitality sector have to sit down and think to redefine the hospitality industry in order to match the global standard. There is need for excellence in the future of hospitality globally hence NHCI need to go back to the drawing board to further help develop hospitality in Nigeria.”

Falebita who urged the hospitality practitioners to wake up to the reality, brace and bring everyone together as industry academia to train young people in the industry so as to play the game according to the rules of the game which is the definition of professionalism.

He further asked what the hospitality game was; he then gave the answer as excellence.

Excellence is what we need in the industry as a people we should not allow challenges such as unprofessionalism in the industry as it could bring setbacks.

He however advised NHCI to look beyond challenges and see the future where artificial intelligence and the advent of robot will have it space in the industry.

Falebita urged that effective collaboration for national policies influence and different policy, craft internal structure for professional (self regulation), global exposure and support for professionalism efforts at all levels be created.

“Who is regulating compliance in the industry? NHCI need to do self regulation. You do not need anyone to regulate you before you do. We must regulate ourselves, Falebita stressed.”

The new president NHCI, Alhaji Olugbenga Sunmonu expressed the need to sieve the wheat from the chaff.

He said, we need to encourage, support professionalism and those who give hear and seek growth.

Sunmonu stressed that the Nigerian Hotel and Catering Institute (NHCI) institute is open to all forms of collaboration with agencies, professional bodies and government for professionalism.

“I am categorically telling the government that we are available to help as we are knowledgeable and capable of assisting in making sure we develop the needed framework. In this industry the government needs to do a lot and we will support the government.”

The Former president who is now the New Life vice president , Mrs Bolanle Dada further expressed that the Nigerian Hotel and Catering Institute (NHCI) is doing all it can to push out unprofessionals in the industry.

She said, “The institute has organised three annual conferences, two continuous Professional Education Programmes (CPEs) and had participated in various government, non-government and international organisation programmes and others.”

However she urged that hotel owners should ensure that they call on the NHCI members and affiliate as they have professionals among it association.

“I implore that professionals be put in every hospitality firm instead of employing those who have no knowledge of the hospitality industry. NHCI have good professionals in the industry. Hence, we are seriously working toward becoming a chartered institute.”

Chairman of the Institute of Hospitality Uk-Nigeria (IoH), Adedayo Adesugba who assures members of the benefits of developing the hospitality industry therefore charge members of the Nigerian Hotel and Catering Institute members to put all efforts for the progress of the association.

He urged that the institute need support as it requires collective efforts.



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