Fire Destroys Finance Ministry’s Inverter Room


A portion of the Federal Ministry of Finance Headquarters at the Central Area of the Federal Capital Territory has been gutted by fire.

The incident, which happened on Wednesday, was reportedly caused by an explosion from one of the batteries in the ministry’s inverter room. About 16 batteries were said to have been affected.

A spokesperson for the ministry, Olajide Oshundun, said the fire started as smoke.

He noted that it was quickly put out before the arrival of the Federal Fire Service.

Oshundun said, “Around 6.50am, some staff of the ministry noticed smoke emanating from the room that housed the battery for the inverter.

“Necessary alarm was raised and the internally provided firefighting equipment was deployed. Within 15 to 20 minutes, the fire was put under control.
Information was also sent to the federal fire service system. Before they came, everything was brought under control. The fire emanated from an exploded battery, which then affected other batteries. About 16 batteries were affected. It only affected the battery compartment at the base of the ministry; it did not affect other parts of the building.”



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