Forum Carpets Group Over House Member’s Alleged Comment

Forum Carpets Group Over House Member’s Alleged Comment

Kontagora Emirate Peace and Justice Forum has flayed a group under the auspices of Niger Against Corruption over allegation credited to a member of the House of Representatives from Niger State, Hon. Abdullahi Garba, saying  he bragged about inducing judicial officers to obtain favourable judgement in a pre-election case before a court in the state.

The forum further stated that the write-up was an attempt to discredit both the member and the judge handling the case as well as create confusion and disunity among the people of the constituency.

In a statement as signed on behalf of the group by Musa Mohammed Kawo, the forum however cautioned that politics is a game of numbers and tasked the “faceless” group differentiate between right and wrong as fake news was meant for persons in the spectrum of myopic thinking.

The statement stated “Our attention has been drawn in respect of the above caption written by a group whose identity cannot be ascertained. The write-up is a calculative attempt to discredit our Hon member and the judge handling our suit. The secondary motive of the writers is to create confusion, distrust and disunity among the good people of kontagora, mashegu, wushishi and Mariga Federal constituency.

“As a matter of fact, it is sad for any legal member of APC to engage in this kind of nasty political game at the verge of election. Engaging in productive venture that will lead our great party to victory is what matters most instead of propagating fake statements that undermines the valuation premises of a civilized politics.

“We also urge those people to differentiate between right and wrong. They should note that politics is a game of number…. Fake news spectrum is meant for the people with myopic thinking. Enough is a enough!” the statement added.