France Announces Deployment Of Troops To Burkina Faso

During a visit to the capital city of Burkina Faso, Ougadougou, Florency Parly, the French Minister of armed forces, has announced that France will be deploying troops to the ‘three borders” area of Burkina Faso’

The “three borders” area of the country is where Burkina Faso’s border meets those of Mali and Niger, a region that has experienced so much violence since 2015.

An operation “Bourgou 4” will be lauched by France in the “three borders” area, “Bourgou 4” will be led by Barkhane (France’s military operation in the Sahel region of Africa). The aim of this operation is to reduce the rate of violence experienced in the “three borders” area.

The move represents an expansion of France’s operation in the Sahel which, until now, has deployed majority of its 4,500 troops to other African countries such as Mali, Chad etc. Troops from other countries allied under the G5 Sahel Force, a military alliance set up by Sahelian countries to combat armed rebellion activities in the region, will also participate in the operation.