Group targets better organised market system

Folashade Tinubu Ojo

The President-General of Nigerian market women and men association, Folashade Tinubu-Ojo has said that the goal of the association under her leadership is to create a better organized market system like Dubai in Nigeria that would become a tourist attraction, generate foreign exchange and provide employment for millions of citizens.

She made this known at an event celebrating her where she delivered a keynote address with the theme, “The role of market women and men in nation building” held in Lagos.

Reiterating that it was possible to have better organised market associations all over the country that would generate huge income for the Nigerian government, she said they are already on the right track in achieving their dreams.

“We need team work to achieve this lofty dream. What we have in Dubai and other climes is not different from what we have here in Nigeria, the only difference is that theirs is more organized and you see Nigerians rushing there to buy the same things that we have here. We want to make our markets more centralized and a force to reckon with all over Africa and then the world.”

Speaking on some of the challenges they face, she urged her members to cooperate with government policies and begged the government to be more receptive to their demands which includes easier access to loans and creating policies that ensure that importing and trading are made easier in the country and across borders.

The convener of the event, Dr M.A. Akintola, praised the market men and women gathered, saying their role cannot be over emphasized as they contribute in no small measure to the economic development of the country and the wheel through which the economic progress of the country is driven.

“The Lagos market is the largest not only in Nigeria but in the whole of West Africa, employing millions of people and generating billions of Naira for the Nigerian government yearly,” he said.

Source: G Business