I Have Been Receiving Strange Calls – Mummy G.O


Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo popularly known as Mummy G.O on social media says she has been receiving strange calls.

In an interview she granted BBC Pidgin, the controversial preacher said some persons were after her life because of the gospel.

She said thought people call her over the phone to threaten her, she would remain focused.

“Evangelist Fumi, you’re affecting us, most of our members who hear your message pull out of our church, if you don’t stop, we kill you. I thought it was just a threat until at times we would be driving and we see people bringing out gun through their own car shooting at us or showing us, coming to the church compound with gun, things like that.”

At times, I would be in the bank, they would snap me and send to me, saying ‘see, you’re in the bank if we want to kill you, we would have done that. We are warning you, just stop and if you don’t stop, we are still going to disgrace you.

They have been threatening my life on this, when they discover that I did not change, they thought I’m stubborn that’s why they come to social media to start all this.”

She argued that most of her teachings have scriptural backing.

“Many of it are in the Bible,” she said and went ahead to list some of her preaching and where they can be found in the bible.

“Deuteronomy 22:5 says no woman shall put on what belongs to a man and no man shall put on what belongs to a woman, this is inside the same Bible we all carry, that’s where it is.

“If they want to know if teachings is by the word of God, they should go to my YouTube channel, Rappel TV many people have been saying all this things before

“By the time they now say who is this woman? When they now Google my TV channel, many of them begin to beg God for forgiveness, they thought all what they post on the social media is true. But when they now hear my own message, they discover that what they’ve been listening to is edited.”

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