Heineken’s Beverage, Hi-Fi Hops Is Made With Marijuana

Heineken's Beverage, Hi-Fi Hops Is Made With MarijuanaGuardian Life

Heineken has introduced an innovative drink Hi-Fi Hops which is bound to excite cannabis lovers.

Hi-Fi Hops is made with marijuana. This move is part of their strategy to go into the cannabis industry.

Photo credit: Business Insider

On the body of Lagunitas, Heineken’s California beer label which produces the drink, is written “hoppy sparkling water.”

Unlike regular beers, this contains no alcohol. Instead, its active ingredient is THC, a psychoactive ingredient that causes a high. The beer which launched on July 30, is available in certain areas of California where cannabis is legal. If people wanted to make their own cannabis-infused beverages they could try out products like water soluble CBD so they can medicate any drink of their choosing.

Business Insider reveals that the beer drink is selling fast despite its high rate at N2,888 ($8). It, however, has a downside: it cannot be drunk in a bar.

On the plus side, you do not experience a hangover from the beverage.