How I Will Transform Lagos Island, By Olusi


Lagos Island Council Chairman Adetoyese Olusi yesterday promised to restore the glory of the local government through his transformational policies and programmes.

He highlighted the challenge of steering the affairs of City of Lagos, which inhabitants are 500,000, but has a day time population of 13 million on 8.9 Square kilometre landmass.

Olusi, a prince of Lagos, promised to re-ignite the pre-eminence of ‘Eko Akete, Ilu Ogbon,’ a healthy, environmentally beautiful, culturally awake and artistically creative.
To realise the vision of restoring its old glory, he said:”We are determined to re-create several parks and sit-out areas along the Marina, bring back the lunchtime conviviality, night-time leisure, and stimulate weekend life with a family amusement and recreation life supported with blue economic activities.
We intend to construct several parks in the inner neighbourhood, and install solar-powered lights along its roads, upgrading city culture has become a new project on our agenda.”

The chairman spoke on the COVID-19 challenge, saying that the number of people traversing the city daily transacting trade and commerce is the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa should comply with the protocols.

He said alleviating the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis is vital for preventing poverty from deepening and increasing in the country.
Olusi stressed: “The impact of COVID-19 has been most strongly felt in the commerce, service, and agriculture sectors. It is based on this that I signed Executive Order 03 Mass Vaccination and Mask Wearing in Lagos Island Local Government. Indeed, I launched advocacy on this while enforcement will start from the first of March 2022.”

Emphasising the import of women empowerment, the chairman told reporters in Lagos that the council is promoting and implementing a zero-tolerance for sexual violence and other gender-based abuses, especially those rooted in obnoxious cultural traditions.

He added: “We are building the capacity of our women to empower them economically. Our upgraded School of Vocation and Technical Education will embark on vocational training and skills acquisition programmes.”

Olusi noted that unemployment in Lagos Island is critical, stressing that “the vocation school is developing a new 21st-century curriculum in lifelong sustainable skill development, capacity-building programmes such as entrepreneurship, agro-based small businesses, as well as the Hospitality/Catering training programs amongst others, to curb irregular migration and unemployment.

He added: “We shall launch the Eko Akete Afterschool Graduate Development initiative (Eko GRAD) in partnership with The EKO Institute.

To strengthen the capacity of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF)and other security agencies to enforce law and order, we have established the LILG Taskforce on Security and Environment.

later than July of this year. rehabilitation of all PHCs and equipment of these Primary Healthcare Centres are the major projects to be completed in the health sector during 2022.



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