Indecent Dressing Affair In Delta Poly: How We Know Girls Who Don’t Wear Pant, Bra – Comrade Enebeli, SUG president

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It was not only the lecturers and staff that raised the alarm, some self-controlled male students also whined about the seductive, lustful and lecherous dressings of many of their female counterparts.

The uncomplimentary state of affairs slipped to a level where some ensnared daughters of Eve themselves re-counted that machos, chiefly cultists,  whose underlying cells had been callously put on fire by their deceptive game were stalking them right there on campus, to put off as it were, the longing they freely activated.

Though no lecturer came out to complain openly that he was seduced by a female student, the turn-ons were so pervasive that the next thing would be sexual harassment.

For anybody familiar with the “bare exhibition” by the girls, it was not unexpected that the Students Union Government, SUG, led by a female president,  Comrade Choice Enebeli, snapped,  in February, less than two months ago.

Some newspapers reported February 24 that the authorities of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, had declared:  ”No bra, no entry, no pants, no entry” policy into the school campus, especially for female students.

One paper screamed that students, who did not wear bras and pants, were denied entry by security guards that mounted the school gate to checkmate indecent dressing.

Another said: “This development may not be unconnected with the crimes alleged to have been perpetrated by students, including rape, cultism, burglary, and influx of Yahoo Boys into the campus, among others.”

When Saturday Vanguard visited the citadel of learning, recently, it was discovered that a measure of sanity has returned since the SUG president launched an attack on what she called indecent dressing in the school campus.

How they stopped us at the gate – First-year student

A student, who didn’t  want her name in print, said: “That day (February 24) when we came to school, they stopped us at the gate that if you did not wear pant and bra and maybe putting on cropped top, you were not allowed to come into the campus.

“They said the students were seducing lecturers with their indecent dressing and such indecent dressing leads to sexual harassment.

“To us, higher institution is where you have freedom, nobody is guiding you, and you live your life the way you want. You know, most of the girls prefer wearing their clothes without pants or bras. So coming to a higher institution and still making them feel as if they are still in secondary school is not fair to some of us.

“I am a new student and since I started, I have not heard of any case of sexual harassment here in this school,” she said.

It’s indecorous not to were pant, bra – Ngozika, student

Another student, who gave her name as Aniabo Blessing Ngozika, said: “The issue of indecent dressing has been a talk on this campus for so many years. For female students not to put on inner wears – pant and bra, is indecent dressing and lack of proper morals.

“I want to say some students did not get this teaching from their parents, but once they leave their homes and get into the school, they see the campus as a different world entirely and they will want to be ‘among’, carry along with the school life and all of that.

“It does not really make sense, why should a student not put on pant and bra? How comfortable will that student be? It has been the lifestyle of some of them but I do not think the lifestyle is something good. It does not lead to a good ending, rather it leads to some kind of pain because this might lead to rape, some kind of molestation and all of that. So indecent dressing is not something anybody should applaud for any reason.

Therefore, I am applauding the SUG for the steps it has taken to check this ugly trend. An institution like this is where one learns almost everything about life. They have gotten this kind of thought about the school that it is no longer a place for good learning and all of that.  So for the SUG to have taking up the task to bring sanity to the school, it is something commendable, should be encouraged by the authorities and corporate bodies outside.

Lewdly-dressed male and female students were sent back

A student that wished to be anonymous, asserted: “The SUG came out against indecent dressing and tried to enforce it, it was not the issue of those wearing pants and bra per se, but a general case of indecent dressing.”

“The SUG sent those who were not properly dressed back from the gate, both male and female students.  If you are putting on anything that exposes your body, they send you back to go home and dress properly before coming back to campus. Nobody will have time to check to know if you are wearing pants, bra or not”, she said.

What of girls harassing lecturers?

SUG president, Comrade Enebeli, who cleared the air on what actually transpired, the directives to the female and male students alike and how it was implemented, told Saturday Vanguard: “Before I was elected into office, I promised that there would be moral discipline. Indecent dressing was getting so high that you see our girls dressing without bra.”

“First, to put the records straight, we did not ask students to go home for not wearing pants; no one was opening their cloths to check. I am a lady, when you do not put on bra, I know, the line of bra shows in your clothes when you are putting on bra and when you are putting on this camisole it shows.

“You see some of these girls with no bra, they will even draw their gown so high. I think there was a law signed by the federal government , last year,  that any lecturer that harasses any female student will be arrested, then what of girls now that are harassing lecturers with their indecent dressing,  what is the law for them?

“I did not say you should not dress as you like, but do that  outside and not inside this campus. It is not just the females, even the males, if you are putting up ripped jeans that is not closed, there are some ripped jeans that are closed, if it is not closed, you see their legs, some tear it up to their laps, we asked such students to go back.

“We did not pull their cloths, nobody touched anybody to check pant or whatever. Once we see you, we know that this dressing is not good and we ask you to go back, that was all we did and that’s all we are still doing,” she explained.

What really triggered us!

Comrade Enebeli elucidated there was really not case of sexual harassment, adding: “Some of the girls complained that guys are disturbing them and all of that and I told them that they were being addressed the way they are dressed ; that they should please dress decently. If you want to dress indecently, I am not against you but do not do it inside the campus.”

“Lecturers complained, staff  complained that ‘SUG, you are not doing anything’ and I felt ashamed because it was like I was the one dressing them from home. So I decided to check it by enforcing decent dressing on campus.

“The security guards did not touch anybody, it was just me and my female taskforce that asked them to just go back. If you put on handless top, you go back, anything that will show your armpit, anything that will show your tummy, go back.

“Then the guys, if you are putting on shorts, go back, the guys were also involved. If you are driving in, you must come down, be you a boy or a girl; we must check your dressing before we tell security to allow you enter the campus. That is what happened, when I read in the social media that we were checking students’ pants, I just laughed because it was not true.

Mode of dressing changing

I think the mode of dressing is changing because they now have fear. I do not come out every day, I come out unexpectedly, I come out three times in a week and they do not know when I come out. I do not tell them I am coming out, so that fear is in them. The indecent dressing is drastically reducing unlike before.

We now have task force at the gate to check them before they go into the campus. After school, in school hostel from 5.00 pm you are free to dress the way you want, but not during school or working hour.

We made brisk business – Wadu, trader

A trader around the campus, Christiana Wadu, said: “I like the action, let the students dress well.  As for my business, I sold very well that day. Some of them that wore short gowns, came and bought leggings; some that wore ripped jeans bought normal jean trousers. Even tops, some that did not wear bra, like my neighbor that sells bra, she sold all her bra that day. So it was awesome that day.”




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