Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Home Headlines Influencers That Benefited From Ovaioza’s Fraud


  1. At least, if you must share news about happenings, you could do people the favor of sharing the truth. When y’all come on your blog to type things like this, do you realize how much harm you’re doing to the people you blog about?

    Some of us are victims of this in ways you can’t imagine and have gone out of our way to find out the truth, make it public for investors to know and are helping to see that people get paid at the end of the day, fighting for this and working hard for restitution and you come to your blog to post that I, Marline,

    “ confessed to encouraging people to invest in the business, when she recently came out to reveal the truth about Oviaoza’s business.

    Recently, Marline confessed to persuading people to invest in the business. She made the confession while revealing the truth about how Oviaoza had squandered her investors’ billions?”


    You don’t see how much harm this kind of misinformation can do to someone? You don’t see how defamatory this is?

    Nothing about any of this is okay! You can write your blog and still report your news with no need for half truths and outright lies.

    You need to take this down. Nothing about this is okay.


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