IT Expert Wants Modern ICT Infrastructure In Schools


An Information Communication Technology (ICT) expert Mr. Peter Akinremi, has called on government at all levels to equip schools with modern ICT Infrastructure to encourage more youths to embrace careers in the field.

Akinremi who is the West Africa Regional Coordinator of the African Civil Society for the Information Society (ACSIS), made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

He said schools should be equipped with the latest computer technologies and find an interesting and practical ways in teaching ICT courses with the right skills.

According to him, Nigeria must pay attention to becoming a home of ICT industries that can create job opportunities and of value multiplier.

`We must understand that career in the ICT , is not only about programming or using a computer, but the application of scientific knowledge and approach to solving the challenging questions of our society, he noted.

Akinremi also recommended building an economy that is information and communication technology driven, where ICT would be a lifestyle and integral part of the society.

He said that ICT industry in Nigeria must be attractive, lucrative, enjoy respect and values like that of other professions.

Akinremi also explained that access to timely information and vast market was one of the ways that stands out in embracing ICT for business.

“Among business owners, the issues of trust and security must be adequately addressed to ensure open acceptance of technology integration.

“More attention needs to be given to user education and capacity development to enable the application of ICT and the use of digital tools and services acceptable by business owners, ‘’ he said. (NAN)



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