Japanese boxer Ikki Kodukai cuts off lawyer’s penis with garden shears

Ikki Kodukai, 24, a professional boxer in Japan, has been arrested for assaulting a lawyer in a bloody and brutal way
Kodukai went to the lawyer’s office and cut off the man’s penis with gardening shears, then flushed it down the toilet, reports the Daily Mail.

Japanese media reports that Kodukai committed the horrifying crime because he discovered his wife was having an affair with the lawyer, 42.

Police arrested Kodukai shortly after the assault. Allegedly, Kodukai punched the lawyer several times before tearing off his pants and severing his penis with gardening shears.

The attack took place around 7:40 a.m. on August 13. When Kodukai was asked what he had done with the severed organ, he told officials that he had flushed it down the toilet.

The lawyer’s name has not been released, but officials state that he is receiving treatment at an area hospital. His condition is unknown at this time, reports Boston News Times.

Witnesses told local media that the victim had lost a lot of blood, but they did not believe that he was going to die.

This attack is not the first time a penis has been flushed down the toilet. Back in 2012, a jealous wife, in Peru, cut off her husband’s penis and flushed it away. Speaking of penises, if you’re looking for 4K porn sites, you can find them here. But I digress.

Commenters on Japan Today‘s news website respond with mixed emotions to the assault.

“If I were the husband, I would have sprinkled some caustic soda in the wife’s panties,” one commenter posted.

Another commenter shared: “There goes the popular thought that cheating is ok in Japan. Poor guy. It wasn’t right, but that was too harsh. His life is changed forever now. That husband ruined his life also… damn.”

One commenter shared: “Deepest sympathy for the 42-year-old lawyer as he has to live a life without the most important organ that defines a ‘MAN’.He would write his biography ‘Survivor of a penis slaughter.’ He is lucky to be alive. As for Ikki Kotsugai, the 24-year-old Tokyo graduate, it will be a lifetime of memories.”

“Wow, usually this would be something a woman would be expected to do… at most I’d expect a guy to maybe crush a walnut or two… but garden shears? Guess his wife won’t ever be fooling around with that particular guy again. But here’s an idea though, if one’s wife is caught cheating with another man. Just divorce! Leave the offending party to lie in the bed they’ve made pun slightly not intended,” another wrote.

It is unclear at this time the exact charges that Kodukai will face.