Jehovah’s Witnesses Mark 100 Years Of Preaching In Nigeria

Jehovah’s Witnesses mark 100 years of preaching in Nigeria
By Joseph Jibueze On Dec 20, 2021

Brother William “Bible” Brown (left) along with other Witness preachers and missionaries in front of Jehovah’s Witnesses branch office in 1948

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nigeria have held two special events to mark 100 years of their Bible education work there.

On December 12, all congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses were invited to view a special prerecorded programme featuring talks and interviews on the history of the preaching work in the country.

The programmme was streamed to viewers in the Efik, English, Igbo, Nigerian Sign Language, Pidgin, and Yoruba languages.
On December 10, they opened a special museum exhibition at their branch office.
The exhibition tape was cut by 91-year-old Albert Olih, who has been preaching for nearly 74 years.

The exhibition, entitled “100 Years of Courage,” tells the exciting story of bold preaching and strong faith.
It highlights that Witnesses in Nigeria demonstrated courage despite publication bans, public ridicule, and brutal civil war.

This history is brought to life through interactive audio and video elements and displays of original historical artefacts.

Visitors watched the growth of the work in Nigeria from December 1921 when a few interested people attended Bible study classes in Lagos, to modern times, as a crowd of over 400,000 Witnesses preach throughout the country.


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