Khafi Undergoing Misconduct Hearing In UK Over BBNaija

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Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Khafilat Kareem, aka Khafi, is undergoing a misconduct hearing because of her appearance on the show in 2019.

According to the BBC, hours before going on the show, Khafi called one of the Met’s most senior officers asking him to reverse an order for her not to do so.

Against the decision that she should not attend the show, the mother of one went ahead to take part in the reality TV show in Nigeria.

She was said to have argued that the show was an avenue to “promote the Met Police” globally.

Until her eviction, Khafi spent 77 days in the BBNaija house, where she met her husband, Gedoni Ekpata.

Our correspondent learnt that before Khafi attended the show in 2019, she asked for an unpaid leave to participate in the show.

The leave was reportedly granted but the Met Police, during the hearing at the Empress Building in London, on Monday, said Khafi was not authorised to take part in the show.

Addressing the tribunal on behalf of the Met Police, Anne Studd QC, said concerns were raised having seen the UK episodes of the Big Brother show, adding that Khafi said the UK version of the show differed from the one organised in Nigeria.

Studd QC said, “She saw it as a chance to promote the Met on an international basis. Looking at the website and information provided, Ch Supt Jason Gwillim concluded it was not in the best interests of the Met or the officer and it would put her in a compromising situation.

“He explained the rationale and stressed she was not to take part in the show. Gwillim’s impression was that PC Kareem was disappointed but understood. She took the period of unpaid leave.”

Khafi, however, denied allegations of breaching standards in respect of “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct.”

The reality TV star was said to have also denied allegations that she failed to declare a business interest in relation to publicity and promotion of the TV show.

However, line managers felt it was not within the best interests of the officer or the force, the BBC reports.

Although permission for the leave was granted – she was told not to take part in any further auditions, interviews or shows, the hearing was told.

On 30 June, Khafi reportedly texted Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist and later called him to say that she had travelled to Lagos to take part in the show.

Although Mr Twist said he was aware of previous decisions to refuse Khafi’s request to attend the programme, he explained to Khafi that he wasn’t in a position to review any decision on a Sunday.

“I got the impression she was phoning hoping I would change the decision. I got the fact she was in Nigeria; I got the strong sense she was going to do it, but she did not say as much,” Mr Twist said.

Mr Twist added that his core concerns were over Khafi’s mental health, the Met’s public image and her conduct within the house, the BBC reports.

“I was worried about her mental health, we have no ability to support or intervene in the Big Brother house. We had no idea what security was in place around the Big Brother house and something awful could happen there or she could be targeted as a serving constable.

“Over the years a number of people who come out of the Big Brother house are reported in the media to have suffered mental health issues. Knowing the UK version, this is something we wouldn’t want a serving officer appearing on, Mr Twist said.

The tribunal heard that Khafi reportedly saw a psychologist after the show due to the “adverse” media report and attention.

The tribunal also heard she was invited to appear on Good Morning Britain – but was told not to do any unauthorised media interviews.

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