Kidnap Suspect Arrested In Ogun Community


The Police in Warewa, Ogun State are interrogating a kidnap suspect caught early Friday on Eruobodo Street, Arepo, Ogun State.

The suspect, who identified himself as Felix, claimed to be an indigene of Osun State. He said he was sent by ‘an Oga’ who is based in Ondo town in Ondo State.

According to him, he was sent to Arepo with a mandate to kidnap children. He did not specify if it is for ransom or for ritual.

When asked for his phone, Felix said he threw it into a stream when being pursued so that the information therein could not be accessed for possible clues on his gang members.

He said the botched kidnap was his first in Arepo.

He also claimed not to know the name of his Ondo-based commander. [THE NATION]


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