1. I’m so ashamed of you Mr Giwa Murtala Omotola Moore. It is monumentally heartbreaking that you have allowed jealousy, resentment to blind your eyes.

    Ironically, even YOUR own names characterise multiple ethnicities.

    Murtala – Hausa
    Omotola – Yoruba

    How is Gbadebo not Yoruba when his father is a bonafide indigene of Lagos spanning different generations back.

    You are a Nigerian and you’re aware that majority of us have so many names even as many as 5. His surname is already a long compound name, how is he going to fit in all the names in on ONE certificate easily?

    Yes he can’t speak Yoruba very well, so what?? He understands but his intonation is just rusty. You claim he’ll need to visit market women and co, HOW MANY times do sitting governors go to market places? Even if this were to be the case, he would have other members of his team that will do the work.

    Market women are MORE in need of people that will raise the standard of their living not someone that will speak Yoruba to them. These women you claim to be fighting for are praying for visas for their children to get to Canada. Do Canadian leaders speak Yoruba?

    It breaks my heart that a youth like you can come up with this superficial post, you’re meant to be more reasonable than this.

    And just so you know, I’m a full Yoruba Muslim and I’m not Igbo in case you think I’m trying to take sides.

    Please stick to real issues. Patrick Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour is a Yoruba man by birth and Not even your spiteful write up can change that.


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