Lords joins David Mark’s pro-am Oturkpo train



Lord’s Dry Gin has thrown its weight behind this weekend’s David Mark birthday Golf Pro-Am Tournament at Oturkpo in Benue State.

Over 80 amateur players have been penciled to vie for honours at the event in the Ladies, Men and Veteran categories.

Lord’s Dry Gin Brand Manager, Adebowale Bojuwade said the partnership is an extension of the brand’s long term association with the values of the noble game of golf.

“Golf and Lords have come a long way and we are taking steps to deepen our commitment to the game, especially in helping the players have better enjoy and relax with the game,” he said.

The event in Otukpo is parading the full assembly of the Nigerian professional Golfers’ Association members, who are hoping to pick up rankling points by the time the event is concluded at the weekend.

Boluwade added that, The St. Mark Golf Course is very unique, especially in its investment in the future of the game; “Oturkpo have a vibrant golf academy here and most of the people that graces event usually gather from different part of the country,” he added.

Amateur players would be competing over 36 holes at the event from tomorrow to Sunday, while the presentation ceremony is scheduled to hold after Sunday’s game.

Players would savour the taste of the premium drink in different shades at the event, as a way of adding glamour to the weeklong event.

“Nigeria’s Premium Gin would be fully represented at the event and we would be taking the player’s experience to a whole new level,” he said.

The brand has existing partnerships with different golf clubs across the country and currently sponsors the only golf programme on radio “Teeing-off with Lords” that runs on four different radio stations across the country.

Source: G Sport



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