I Lost Self-Confidence After Scarred Face – Sonia Ogiri


US-based actress Sonia Ogiri has recounted stated she lost self-confidence after she was scarred on her face.

Although the entrepreneur did not disclose how she came about the scar on her face, she mentioned the incident that happened in 2014.

According to her, she lost self-confidence after then.
Ogiri, who decided to work on gaining her confidence back and making her mother happy, revealed she has undergone surgery to remove the scar on her face.

She further indulged her fans and followers to wish her luck while she awaits the removal of the bandage in two-week time.

Titling her post ‘My scar, my pain’, Ogiri wrote: “It all started 2014. I lived with this total stranger called scar since 2014 and ever since then, I lost all confidence even with the listings.

“I remember when I decided to settle in the USA, looking for a job was traumatising because I would relate every rejection to the scar on my face lol.

Close friends in the movie industry all knew when it happened. I totally lost it, nights I would cry endlessly, how I tagged myself as ugly cause is my face we talking about, days I would feel like ending it all cause I refused to accept my reality.

“I was and never a makeup kind of person but I had to start so I can cover up a little. I bet you’re surprised seeing it now.

“I remember whenever my mom saw me, she would say, oh Sonia so you now permanently have a new identity? A mark I never gave you from birth? I would control my tears and smile, she feels so unhappy for me.

“Just these visits to Nigeria, she said the same thing, and my response this time was, Mummy, don’t worry I will try and take it off just to make her happy.

“Honestly, I know that’s not possible but at least let me try one more time hence my first try was in Nigeria in 2014.

“I’m putting out my pain to help someone else. Some of us have a scar we battling with, it could be anything but trust me, you will overcome.

“I have 2 weeks to see what my results will look like so wish me luck lol.

“I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that loves me regardless, my past and present relationship. Families and friends.

“For some that always tell me “I love your tribal mark, you hurt my feelings but never took it to heart. I can’t wait to see my results guys.

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