Many Nigerian Men Unknowingly Married To Lesbians – Faith Morey


Former model Faith Morey has claimed quite a good number of Nigerian men are unknowingly married to lesbians.

The US-based entrepreneur, in a video shared via her Insta story, informed her audience she was about ‘shaking a table’ nobody ever wants to talk about.

She said: “Okay, I’m about to shake a table nobody ever wants to talk about. This conversation, in Lagos especially but my question is this.

How many married men in Nigeria are married to lesbians without them knowing?”

Continuing, Morey maintained most of these unassuming husbands allow their wives supposed buddies to come around totally oblivious of the fact that they are actually lovers, cheating under their roofs.

She added: “And these lesbians are cheating under their roof. Honey, let’s get into it. So, these partners could be their best friends. Their supposed, oh my God!! Would be girls for five, ten, and six years.

And of course, their husband is like, ‘I’m cool with it because it’s a girl. Not knowing that’s her lover, honey.”



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