NAPTIP To Open Register For Sex Offenders


A national sex offender register would soon be opened for rapists, the Director-General (DG) of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) Dame Julie Okah-Donli has said.

Speaking during a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, Okah-Donli said the federal government was ready to name and shame all convicted sex offenders and pedophiles in the country by not only registering them but sending their names to embassies, offices, radio and television stations, so they will be refused visas and jobs.

She also condemned the rape accusation involving the pastor of Commonwealth General Assembly, COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo and Senator Abbo who assaulted a nursing mother in a viral video.

Okah-Donli also condemned jungle justice, noting that something needed to be done urgently about the way Nigerians strip suspected criminals and lynch them. [THE NATION]

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