‘Nigerian health care providers need proper training’

The Director, International Marketing and Relations, SHARDA University, who is also the representative of the institution in Nigeria, Mr. Prasoon Kashyap, has said that Nigeria needs to train and retrain its health care providers for it to have an improved health sector.

He added that apart from infrastructure deficit and inadequate funding, which had always been seen as the problem confronting the sector, wrong diagnosis remained another challenge in the sector that could only be tackled through well-trained medical personnel and an effective primary health care system.

In an interview with Saturday PUNCH recently, Kashyap pointed out that apart from retraining those who were already in the field; the medical profession needed more hands to meet the health needs of Nigerians.

He said, “The doctor-to-patient ratio in Nigeria is very poor. In the United Kingdom, they have one doctor to 200 patients, while in Nigeria you could have one doctor to about 100,000 patients. That needs to change. And that is why we at SHARDA are committed to training people, like Nigerians, to help them to develop their health sector.

“Not only will the growth in the health sector bring down the cost of health care, it will reduce mortality rate and increase the mortality age, because people who have responsibilities cannot just die.”

He also explained that there was the need for people to consult nutritionists to guide their eating habit, to avoid some avoidable deaths. “People having responsibilities cannot just drop dead, thus, people need to be counselled as regards the way they eat,” he added.

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