Olu Of Warri Abolishes Ologbotsere Title, Reduces It To Nickname


The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, has abolished the traditional title of Ologbotsere in Itsekiri Kingdom, saying that the erstwhile holder of the title should no longer be addressed as such across Itsekiri Kingdom and other parts of the world.

Going by this development, Ayiri Emami is no longer Ologbotsere of the kingdom.

The monarch made the pronouncement before descendants of the Ologbotsere family at a meeting in his palace on Tuesday.

The monarch, who stepped into venue of the meeting with Ologbotsere descendants in the palace, acknowledged greetings from the chiefs, the Ologbotsere family members and others in the hall.

“We have taken time to ponder and have arrived at our final decision, ” he said.

He then called on Chief Brown Mene to read out reel out his position .

Chief Mene, on his part, harped on the high regards the monarch has for the Ologbotsere descendants, stressing that many of them were titled chiefs of the kingdom.
Continuing, he said abolition of the title Ologbotsere had not in any way denied the family members of chieftaincy titles in the kingdom.

His words, “The monarch called you because of the respect he has for the Ologbotsere descendants.

“It is the king that gives chieftaincy titles. It is also the king that withdraws titles. This has is the tradition.

“There are several of Ologbotsere children that are chiefs. The Ologbotsere family is very dear to to the monarch

“There is no Ologbotsere title again. The head of the Ologbotsere title can answer the nickname.

“It is the pronouncement of the king and Itsekiri nation. There will be peace, blessings in the land.

“There is no Ologbotsere again. Nobody should parade in that title. You remember the king dissolved the Council of Chiefs and have been re-admitting and revalidating titles and has also reconstituted the council of Chiefs.

“Nobody should relate with anyone in the title as Ologbotsere,” he said.

Ologbotsere family

Ologbotsere descendants at the meeting were the Head of the family, Pa Jofotan Oporakun; Secretary General of the family, William L. A. Anukun; Mr. Fred Omaghomi, Besidane Esimaje, Omaghomi, Hon O. J. Nana, and Mr Samuel B.O Okorodudu.

When Vanguard sought response from the Secretary-General, Ologbotsere descendants, Mr Anukun, he simply said the monarch had spoken.

Some of the Chiefs also present were the most senior, the Iyatsere and Chairman Warri Council of Chiefs, Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe, Chief Gabriel Awala, Chief Mene Brown, Chief Patrick Iralaju, Chief Maleghemi A., Chief Eugene Ikomi, Chief Solomon Arenyeka and so on.

Some princes of the kingdom were also in attendance.

Prince Emmanuel Okotie-oh, who carried on as Regent before the emergence of Ogiame Atuwatse III, Olu of Warri, it would be recalled, suspended Chief Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere over several reasons, which included alleged abuse of the title.

He had said then that the matter would be revisited by a substantive Olu of Warri after his coronation.

Commenting on the action of the Olu of Warri, he told Vanguard that it was a clear indication that those who took the decision to suspend Ayiri ad Ologbotsere then acted in order.

“Part of my job then as Regent was mainly administrative. The powers we had was to suspend over such matters.

“And like we said then the king, when he comes on board, will look at the issues and our action. From what the king has done, it is clear our action was in order,” he said.


It would be recalled that at the commencement of the revalidation of chieftaincy titles and admission into the Council of Chiefs in Ode Itsekiri, ancestral home of Itsekiri nation, in Warri south local government, the Olu had decorated the Iyatsere, Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe as the most senior chief.

At the reconstituted Warri council of Chiefs, by the monarch, the Iyatsere Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe retained his position as the Chairman of the Council with Chief Eugene Ikomi as the Secretary of the council

The monarch later played host to the Warri chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, NUJ, urging them to continue to stick to the ethics of their profession avoiding temptations to report fake news.

He commended the journalists, assuring that the palace would sustain the healthy relationship with the NUJ .

He later offered royal blessings to the journalists and their various media houses.

Earlier, Chairman of the body, Mr Victor Okpomo aka Okies Vicky, congratulated the monarch on his ascension to the throne, urging him to partner with the body.

He said the union would always report the activities of the palace accurately, adding that the monarch would be decorated as a Life Patron of the body in her coming NUJ week in Warri, Delta State.

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