I Once Rode On Open Truck To Film Location –Mary John


My childhood was an interesting one. I did not have everything I wanted but I had everything I needed. My mum is very strict, but my dad was the cool one. Maybe this was why I was closer to my dad. I am from Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.


I attended Kingsway Primary School and Kingsway College in Lagos State. After secondary school, I sat the mandatory Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination like other admission seekers but I had to sit the exam four times. I later gained admission into a Film and Broadcast Academy, Ozoro, Delta State, where I studied Performing and Media Art. After my polytechnic education, a friend of mine invited me for a movie role in 2015 and that was how I got to play my first movie role with the like of Chiyere Winifred, Ken Eric, Zubby Michael, Rita Daniels and many others.  Although the movie was never released, it was the launching pad for my acting career.


I consider myself lucky to have received a lot of support and encouragement from my family. At first, my late dad didn’t buy the idea of me being an actress but when he started seeing me on television he was really proud of me and he gave me his full support.


The most challenging aspect of acting for me is memorising and mastering every script line perfectly. It is not easy sitting or standing under lights and cameras. When it comes to interpreting roles, one has to be someone else and also allow the character you are depicting to be you. It is not easy interpreting roles but I would also say that it’s fulfilling since acting is my passion.  Getting my lines right is very important to me.

Acting and modelling

Acting has been rewarding for me; it has opened doors to brands and other opportunities. I started my modelling career in 2017 for a clothing outfit and I am hoping to become a big name in the plus-size modelling industry.


I was featured in a particular movie but I couldn’t get a ride to the village where we were shooting the movie. So, I had to jump on an open truck that was going that way. Sadly, there was a downpour and I was really drenched. That is one of the sacrifices that one has to make in order to succeed.

Plus-size modelling

Some people feel intimidated by my height and body and sometimes they walk up to me to jokingly say, “Na only you carry this thing?” which loosely means “Are you the only one blessed with these curves?” I am used to these kinds of comments.


A male fan once walked up to me and asked me to take a photo with him but to my surprise, this guy tapped my arse and ran away. I was stunned and that incident was really embarrassing.


One of my greatest fears is failure. No one wants to fail.

Sexual harassment

In the early stage of my career, I was sexually harassed but it is one decision to either fall for it or reject the advances vehemently.  I don’t think anyone will force you to do what you do not want to do. So, I have learnt to focus on a few people that believe in me.


I am simply focused on my work. Also, I think being true to my craft is enough for me. Social media has helped so many entertainers, including myself. Without social media I don’t think I’ll still be here because I am not always on the screen. I do other stuffs, too. Posting some of my works on social media has helped me to stay relevant.


I believe one should go with what works for one. But I will talk about myself; I don’t want to do or use anyone to chase clout because my inner peace is most important. I am not where I want to be and I believe my little efforts would take me to the place I want to be.


Acting will always be a huge blessing to my life. I consider my profession a blessing and I am thankful for the privilege.

Body esteem

In the past, I used to have body-esteem issues as a plus-size actress. I recall that sometime ago someone offered me an acting job but the director said he wanted a slimmer person. Did I feel bad? Yes, I did but I shook it off and said to myself that the job wasn’t for me. Thankfully, as a plus-size model I am well appreciated.

Body shaming

I do not pay attention to nasty or silly comments about my body or size anymore. Society could be sometimes cruel to big-size persons but I don’t listen to people who have a habit of doing the aforementioned. I know that there is nothing one cannot do if one is determined. I will simply advise plus-size persons to live their lives on their own terms and be happy. Whether one is small, petite, plus-size, medium size, people will still talk about you. I believe some people are not just normal. Therefore, I don’t sweat over things that are of no benefit to me.


There’s an unhealthy rivalry in the Nollywood industry and I think it’s been a recurring issue, especially among the ladies. One of the things that breed rivalry is when people do not want others to have the finer things of life like they have or when people do not want others to be better than them. But like I always say, life is what one makes of it, and the key is to simply be yourself.


I get my inspiration from my environment and it depends on the character I am playing. For example, I might be given the role of a market woman, which means that I have to pay attention to female traders that sell in the market. I am also inspired by some talented actresses who have made their marks in the movie industry – ace actresses like Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Kate Henshaw, Rita Dominic, Genevieve, Mercy Johnson and a few others.

As a beautiful and curvy woman, men will always come around but I know what I want. So, my ‘no’ is my ‘no’ and my ‘yes’ is my ‘yes.’

Other professions

If I was not into acting I should be into real estate or properties. I really want to get into that sector.


My beauty secret is water. I drink water a lot and mind my own business.  When one does this, you will glow naturally.

Memorable moment

One of my most memorable moments will be the day I gave birth to my son.  The labour pains vanished when I saw my son’s face. It was such a priceless moment. That day was the best day of my life.


I like to dance and listen to good music. I also love going to the beach because there is this inexplicable peace I feel there.

Do’s and don’ts

I cannot do without my phone, money and my ATM card. I cannot also kill or do anything nasty because I want to be a popular or prosperous celebrity. I believe in God and all I need to do to make my mark is to simply put more effort into my career. Like they say, “The sky will be my starting point”if Iam able to do these.


Irrespective of the fee offered, I will not go completely nude for any movie scene. I cannot go nude for money.

I think my body shape is an advantage for my career because it’s unique and there can only be one Mary John.


My man has to be very understanding, God-fearing, goal-driven, loving and caring. I like “an imperfect but perfect man” in some important areas.






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