Oshiomhole Dumps Tinubu As Amaechi Declares For Presidency, May Become Consensus Candidate


The former national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole has pledged his loyalty for the presidential ambition of the minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi against his pal, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who ‘helped’ him become chairman of the party few years back.

Recall that Oshiomhole had gone into political oblivion after the last edo governorship election which saw his candidate and the party losing woefully at the election polls.

It is not clear what went wrong between Tinubu and Oshiomhole as they used to be friends but the former national chairman has just pitched his tent with an opposition of the party’s national leader. This was evident yesterday when Amaechi declared to run for presidency, with no strong member of the party in attendance except Adams Oshiomhole and some few people.

The declaration of Amaechi has also indication that something is brewing regarding who finally becomes the candidate of the party in 2023. Though we don’t know for sure the method that would be used to select but there are pointers that it may be through a consensus considering how the national convention was conducted.

Rotimi Amaechi was never in the race and denied running for presidency but a sudden u-turn has kept lot of people wondering if this could be a game plan. It would be recalled that Amaechi was turbaned recently at President Buhari’s hometown as a ‘trusted individual’, showing the support of the northerners. The title won’t just go like that, there is something they are driving at with the title he got months before the expiration of his tenure.

Amaechi has also proven to be the favorite of the power blocs in Aso Rock, no doubt, he has an edge over other candidates if a consensus is adopted. There must have also been some kind of assurance before he could declare for the race.

If a consensus is adopted, Rotimi Amaechi could be chosen, but lets keep fingers crossed.



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