Ovaioza Lied, Defrauded Her Friends, Legal Proceedings Underway – Influencer Marline Oluchi

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In the recent findings on how popular business woman, Ovaioza defrauded thousands of people of their hard earned money including her friends and influencers, Marline Oluchi a facebook influencer and a friend to Ovaioza who was among those defrauded revealed that legal proceedings are underway for people to get some of their funds if not all.

Marline wrote: On the 18th of April 2022, when myself and other friends confronted Ovaioza over the allegations of fraud against her, she admitted to mismanagement of funds collected from the public, including us, for the buying and selling of agricultural produce. This was perplexing because as friends, we had seen her judiciously running this business. She was hardworking and put a lot of structures to ensure the running of OFPSB, so, it’s quite confusing figuring out what point a genuine business became a fraudulent one where she could no more account for goods distributed or the billions of naira entrusted to her by thousands of people. In addition to lying to everyone about the true state of things, SEC had also restricted all her business accounts for noncompliance to regulations and she used this as an excuse for why she was not paying.

We owed a duty to make a statement informing the public of the true state of things, so that everyone could find a way to salvage what can be salvaged and try to get back their funds legally. It’s quite sad that even we, her friends, trusted her enough to also partner with her to the tune of millions. On her dashboard, I have a running partnership for corn and plantain purchase for 27.9 million naira. This is not just my money but that of my family and a couple of friends who partnered through me.

Legal proceedings are underway to ensure that people get back if not all, but some of their funds, from the liquidation of her assets through the authorities.”

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