Peju Oke’s Magnanimous Nature


Peju Oke is unarguably one of the kindest women on planet earth.

The Nigerian-born Canada-based beauty has lived all her life for the sake of humanity. With her wide network and connections in Canada, she has facilitated a cordial relationship between Canada and Nigeria with investment in humanity through international charity engagement.

Through her HopeforSure foundation last year, she established victims of human trafficking by empowering them with different skills and also donating equipment to enable them to start a new life in Nigeria.

Last week, February 3, 2022, the smooth-talking suave lady brought succor to widows within the Ogun state axis at the Alake’s Palace in Abeokuta.

She took care of over 100 widows by donating cash, edible items, and other accessories for their well-being and survival. Oke is not relenting on her oars as she also plans to reach out to widows in Osun state soon.



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