Pekamol Unveils Newly Built Hospitality Subsidiary

Pekamol Nigeria Limited, a parent company of Dominion Court apartments and rooms, has said its vision for its new hospitality firm is to encourage family bonding in order to rekindle family values.

The hospitality firm delivers an upscale full service apartment with Nigeria inspired hospitality featuring 14 guest apartments and rooms including two spacious and fully furnished three bedrooms, two bedrooms, one bedroom, one self-contained apartments and 3 standard rooms with kitchen and ensuite rooms to match the living style of guests, alongside bush bar, restaurant, gym, and swimming pool and a conference room,

According to Chairman, Dominion Court Apartments and Rooms Ltd, Peter Emerokwem, the Dominion Court project was primarily built on the cardinal philosophy of rekindling and consolidating family values and ties which today is sadly being eroded.

He added, “Bonding of family is the main reason for this project to encourage families thereby creating lasting memories. Most times you see that family values are being eroded because of the economic situation and civilization; so to encourage family bonding we set up this project. Hence, it is a short let apartment that you can think of in your home.

“In order to give our wide range of customers and clientele the needed comfort and convenience they deserve, we choose the leading hospitality consultants Six regions hotels limited to pilot Dominion Court apartments and rooms as part of a sustained desire to offer the hospitality sector a unique brand restricted for family bonding.”

In his reaction, former chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Senator Dr. Lanre Tejuosho commended Pekamol for its tenacity in contributing to the development of the country.

He emphasised, “In Nigeria today we have a deficit of about 16million houses and we still need more for accommodation. So any Nigerian that is providing accommodation whether for short let or for long let you are contributing to this big deficit in Nigeria. Hence, you don’t have to need the government before you can be relevant for the development of this country.